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Just a tidbit of what is going to be revealed in a future blog post.
I guess someone in theory could contact me, and we could discuss the blog post in question.


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    • By Moms world goes ‘round
      This has probably been answered here someplace, but I can’t find it. I’m curious about the change in videos, the voices on the video and why Emma and Bob aren’t doing the videos. I loved the exploration videos, especially the Area 51 ones. I know Covid-19 has stopped a lot of exploring, but even then Bob and Emma and even mom would do sit down discussions of mysteries. I’m just curious why the change? Are you going to go back to exploring and do I need to start a conspiracy on where did Bob and Emma go? Who took their channel? That’s a good video idea lol. Love the videos still. Just really miss the banter
    • By EWUJW90
      Hey all, 
      I have been thinking EWU should cover Holly Clark from Hamilton Ontario Canada in their missing persons videos as this does hit home for me and is a 2020 ongoing case. 
      I came here to suggest it, but it also got me thinking. What cases would you guys like to see covered that have not been covered yet? 
    • By EWU Emma
      DISCLAIMER: Every post in this thread is the opinion of the poster. All views expressed are opinions and not stated as fact.
      We recently got a comment from a paranormal debunking YouTuber known as "The Shape". He has 5,000 subscribers, and his content solely consists of bashing other YouTube creators while he hides behind a mask, such as OmarGoshTV, Moe Sargi, James the Fam, Chelsea Luna, CJ Faison, and more. Let me know what you guys think.
      CHANNEL LINK: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDNU8brRkfZkpNC0srM2JkA
      Here is the conversation we had with "The Shape", who decided to come to our channel for absolutely no reason and try to bash us. He quickly scrubbed everything after. Take note how he doesn't deny grooming children. 🤔

      Well, I started doing some research on "The Shape", and I found something quite disturbing. He constantly is telling an 11 year old girl how adorable she is, how he wants to promote her channel, and obsessively promotes her on his Facebook. Now of course, these things on their own wouldn't be strange, but all together you have to admit seem quite odd. He is a 38 year old single man, and they are NOT related. This young girl is from a different country.

      Here are some of his YouTube comments on this little girl's videos.

      To make matters more strange, he posted on his Facebook for his friends to post their CHILDHOOD photos... SPECIFICALLY CHILDHOOD... and then commented telling them how cute and adorable they all were.

      Here's a video of him promoting the little girl's channel and saying she's so cute.
    • By Lady Spookaria
      I asked permission to do this. 😛 
      Check out my latest video if you like Horror narration and feel free to subscribe if you want to support me. 
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