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Too much rain. There's gotta be a little sun sometimes.


HuffPost Canada Edition


100,000 People Join Canadian Musicians In Soul-Soothing Sing-Along


With a little help from Facebook friends.

Don't need to be sad and anti-social (A.T.)


By Andree Lau

Free Little Libraries Transform Into Mini Food Banks To Combat COVID-19


Members are leaving goods for strangers as the coronavirus makes in-demand items scarce.

A man cannot live on books alone. (A.T.)


By Brian Trinh

In The Face Of Coronavirus, Canadians Are Stepping Up To Help


Community groups are springing up around the country to help.

Providing neccessities. (A.T.)


By Maija Kappler

Grocery Stores Hold Seniors-Only Hours During COVID-19 Pandemic


Some help for some of the most vulnerable.

Another one for the Good guys. (A.T.)


By Sherina Harris

New Canadians Get Sworn In With The Help Of Stormtroopers And Darth Vader


About 90 new Canadians took the citizenship oath in a galaxy not so far, far away.

Priceless. Adapting with humour. Welcome fellow citizens. (A.T.)


In times of calamity, let us stubbornly  show our resiliency. (A.T.)

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