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Strange Animals on Earth

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1 hour ago, ArcticThunder said:

The Surge Wrasse

Excerpt from Wikipedia

The surgewrasse or Thalassoma purpureum  is a species of wrasse native to the southeast Atlantic Ocean through the Indian and  Pacific Oceans, where it inhabits reef and rocky coastlines in areas of heavy wave action.


It is normally found in depths of less than 10 metres (33 ft). 
It lives in females groups which are spread out over large areas of reef and which are dominated by a few males which grow much larger than females. It is a carnivorous species which preys on small invertebrates such as crabs and small fishes.
It is a protogynous hermaphrodite, females change sex to become males. 


This unique ability along with its colours makes this animal and easy contender for the strange classification.

It’s colours look ultraviolet! It’s beautiful 😍 

I like the way it is so vibrant looking in the water but appear to become more pastel out of the water. It makes me wonder if there was a particular reason why they evolved that way...

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The Purple or Pink Grasshoppers 


The rare insect was spotted by an amateur photographer near Ipswich, Suffolk

The colouring is caused by a genetic mutation that alters the insect's pigments

Few pink grasshoppers make it to adulthood as predators easily spot them.

His ass is grass.. hopper!

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