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News anchor jodi huisentruit from mason city, Iowa

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Jodi Sue Huisentruit (born June 5, 1968 – declared legally dead May 2001) was a television news anchor for KIMT, based in Mason City, Iowa, in the United States. She went missing in the early morning hours of June 27, 1995, soon after telling a colleague that she was on her way to work. As there were signs of a struggle outside her apartment, she is believed to have been abducted. However, extensive investigations have failed to uncover any clues to her disappearance. (From wiki)


All my life I've heard rumors that she was investigating dirty cops in town then she went missing.  I also heard that her belongings were sprawled around the parking lot to her apartment complex.  She stayed at keys apartments near east park in Mason city Iowa.  They have security locked doors to enter the building.  I think she was stalked.  spacer.png

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