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Underground installations

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Hi, I used to really enjoy early EWU vids of going into mines and underground installations.

I would enjoy seeing you going into a hidden facility, missile silo or similar. 

I know it can be dicey and wouldn't want you to endanger yourselves.

Have enjoyed EWU from the beginning from Australia. You guys are going from strength to strength. Really enjoy the investigative videos too. You really seem to be for your fans/community and authentic, decent people. Good on you. Keep it up. 

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Thanks @Thelibro, TBH, mines can get a little boring after a while, it seems they all look the same and not much is ever found inside. I think the main reason we don't enjoy going into mines anymore has more to do with more than safety.

A good mysterious tunnel, of course we would explore, and we are surrounded by mines, but there are so many others who do a better job of mines. There are some guys who rappel down into shafts, and we can't compete with that! We just have more fun doing other kinds of exploring like missing persons, remote survival cabins, mysteries, etc. 

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