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This might be a bit of a drive for you guys.  April Beth Pitzer is thought to be missing somewhere near Ludlow, CA.  I have spent some time off roading in this area.  Some of the mines near the search area butt up against the Marine Corps Air/Ground Combat Center.



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Thanks, I think we did three videos on April Pitzer and had an issue with her mother. 

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37 minutes ago, EWU Bob said:

Thanks, I think we did three videos on April Pitzer and had an issue with her mother. 

Cool, I am still new to your channel.  I will go back and search those out.  Thanks!

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      Zachary Waldron was last seen Monday morning, September 30, 2019 in Palm Springs, Ca.  He was trying to complete the C2C2C hike.  Palm Springs PD has surveillance of him come down the mountain and be put into a car. 
      They have been  able to follow a trail that has him from Los Angeles Airport (LAX) to Paris, France but that is where the trail dies.  This is his last known whereabouts. 
      Palm Springs PD, Deputies, Detectives and the Marine Corps are working diligently to help in the manner. 
      - This case has me scratching my head.  For one, the wife was a friend of mine back in highschool.  She started dating Zach awhile ago and eventually got married.  They have a daughter together.  Now, what i do not get, is if they have footage of him being put into a car, then i would assume that same footage would have given them more clues.  But then again, i would have to see this video they have.  Another thing, France has a lot of cameras, EVERYWHERE.  There is no video of him leaving the airport? no video anywhere in france of him?  I would assume French Authorities are probably not working as hard to find him but then again that is all speculation.  
      Another thing that has me looking at my friend is that fact that she has moved on like her husband is not missing at all.  Kinda fishy but then again people do mourn their own way.  But, looking at her social media, she only posted about his disappearance about two times and that was it.  No more info, nothing.  He wasn't found and i don't want to directly ask her about it either.  I do not want to believe she is involved but there are to many cases that makes me believe she knows something.  I would assume a person who's significant other is missing would be posting about them everyday.  
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