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Video Request! She Put a Hit on Herself???


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I live in Colorado and was decent friends with twin girls named Alycia and Natalie Bollinger. One day, Natalie posted on Facebook talking about a man who was stalking her and sending threatening messages to her and her friends and family. This man drove all the way from Colorado to Virginia when Natalie moved there for a while. He parked behind her work and wouldn't leave for days. At one point, he parked on a street in front of her house, literally blocking military traffic. Natalie moved back to Colorado later on and, when she went missing one day; everyone looked to this man (Shawn Schwartz) as the suspect. Either that, or assumptions that she ran away. She was 19. Her body was later discovered on Riverdale Road at a dairy farm, bullet to the back of the head, lethal amount of heroin in the bloodstream, and shell casing on the ground next to her. Riverdale Road itself, already has hundreds of stories of tragic deaths and hauntings. Might be fun to add the backstory of that road in the video. Anywho, when they looked at her phone, they found several text messages between her and pizza delivery driver named Joseph McDaniel Lopez. When they investigated him, he still had the gun used to kill her and her purse in his vehicle. He claimed that he responded to a craigslist ad saying "I want to put a hit on myself". He claimed he "wanted to try to talk her out of it" but when he couldn't, he killed her. I'm not sure how you guys obtain all your details, but if this is something you could get more info on from the Adams County Colorado police or however you get that information, I think this would be a crazy case to cover. Thank you for all that you guys do, definitely my favorite crime channel!! I've learned so much from watching your videos, especially how to better protect myself and signs that someone I know could potentially be a violent human. You guys are the best, much love, take care!

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