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Bellefontaine, Ohio, 1979, Mr. Arthur Smith was brutally murdered and his body was dumped in rural Logan county.  Officials, instead of using their resources and manpower to solve the crime they used their power and taxpayers money to purchase fabricated and exaggerated perjured testimony from several career criminals, a jailhouse informant, and his equally guilty wife. In exchange for fabricated testimony, the prosecutor gave complete immunity to 11 individuals. The individuals admitted to armed robbery,  murder  shooting two other people, felonious assault and many other violent crimes. They took a sweetheart of a deal to save their own skin and buried another. o George Skatzes did not kill Arthur Smith. I have proof of this; I have the polygraphs, the results, prosecutors handwritten notes, it says it all. Who did it, how it was done, and why. It's all tied to a corrupt town Bellefontaine, Ohio. This includes Logan County,  Bellefontaine police and the residence of Bellefontaine that sat on the jury. Perjury bought testimony, prostitution, guns, drugs, all in the outrageous case. The privileges provided to the actual guilty can all be proved, we have it.  This all needs to be exposed! Save this man's life. He's 75 yr old, solitary confinement 30+years on death row for crimes he did not commit.

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