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Would EWU please consider covering the Delphi Murders?

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Okay, so i know yous prob. get a million requests to follow dif. topic and interests, etc.    I feel like you could definitely shed some light on the now on-going 4 YEAR investigation of the murders of Abby and Libby, the two teens who were killed on or before Valentines Day 2017... it just happened to be the evening before Feb. 14th on a Monday afternoon when they went missing.

You're coverage could really help the families and the public with this investigation and hopefully provide information that could lead to a tip or a break in the otherwise cold-case, which is still open but continues to grow colder with each passing year... I'm sure you would definitely find the case interesting if you haven't already considered covering it yet.

Thank you,


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I just found the link to the video you all did on the Delphi Murders... someone sent me the link because i couldn't find it for whatever reason, no matter how many times i googled EWU Delphi Murders, i just couldn't find it until someone sent it to me..


Thank you for covering this story! 

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