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Do you take new case ideas?

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If you accept new cases to look into, I had one of my best friends murdered while being held hostage and beat to death because she wouldnt leave one of her best friends that was thought to be the intended person they were originally angry at to be beat.  I'm scared there are people not being held accountable that should be. She was taken and held a several different residence and not one person that witnessed her beatings was arrested except the one they say killed her. If you take ideas from us fans and would like more information I've got articles I even have a couple pictures of the murder victim that her exgirlfriend who had adopted her her 3 kids just a month before she was murdered sent me. I can also go more into detail with her name and what state and city this happened in. Her exgirlfriend that she remained best friends with has said shed do interviews with you guys. The victims exhusband said hed do an interview as well. We all just want the police to hold everyone that witnessed her brutal beatings yet chose not to call the cops or even step in and try to help her accountable . The murder victim had her demons she had fought with. But she had gotten clean and was just a couple weeks from being allowed to start having regular visits with her three babies that loved their mother and are suffering dearly from this evil act. 

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Hi Shelly, 

I am so sorry to hear about your best friend, and if you could message our Facebook page, we can definitely take a closer look at this to see if it's something we can cover. 

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