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Davohnte Morgan Missing in Mt Shasta


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Hello, I’m Contacting you for help trying to find a missing person named Davohnte Morgan. 
Davohnte Morgan, 28, was last seen in Mount Shasta on May 5. According to the Sheriff's office, he disappeared after breaking up with his girlfriend during their visit to the city and left a hotel in the downtown area on foot while wearing black sweatpants, a black turtleneck and San Francisco 49ers slide rubber sandals. 

Morgan is 5 feet, 11 inches tall with a thin build and had a mustache and goatee. Surveillance cameras show him walking through the downtown area about an hour after his girlfriend said he left their hotel room, sheriff's officials said. The footage appears to show him to leaving town. 

None of Morgan's credit cards have been used since his disappearance, and his phone was left in the room, sheriff's officials said. There's no indication of foul play or suicide.

A private reward of up to $25,000 has been offered for Morgan's return. According to the Sheriff's office, a secondary reward for anonymous witnesses is expected to be offered soon.

People with information about Morgan's location can contact the Mount Shasta Police Department at (530) 926-7540 or the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office at (530) 841-2900.

The police have not been looking for this young man as they claim and the facts surrounding this case are very suspicious. The day after he went missing his girlfriend posted many Instagram videos saying very crazy things such as “we’re having a party tonight for my friend Karma and Vohnte is going to be there”. The girlfriend also gave his belongings away the day after he went missing. His childhood friend lived in Mt Shasta and Vohnte was seen at friend’s house. The friend knew the parents of Vohnte since he’s very young and he not try  contact them to them he went missing in fact even after he spoke to them after a man on the street told him he saw Vohnte at this house when Vohnte’s parents knocked on the door the childhood friend answered after speaking to him did some time the friend’s girlfriend stated “Davohnte is dead”. The police did not suspect the friend or the girlfriend and even gave the girlfriend information about Vohnte that they did not give to his parents. I have a copy of a map showing where Vohnte was last seen and it was drafted by the police and its like he just disappeared in this one neighborhood. 
i can provide more details but we need help finding him. I’m a volunteer and I’ve been searching, but no search team was ever put together and not much has been done.,his family is very distraught and need help finding out what happened to him. He has never been to Mt Shasta before and it was his girlfriend’s idea to go. She has her own vehicle but she rented her friend’s car to go and no one knows why. She has been posting very strange videos that have since been taken down from Instagram , but there are too many things pointing to her and his so called childhood friend. Please help us before we lose more time!!


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