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Missing Persons Case Suggestions | POST HERE!

EWU Emma

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2 hours ago, Sidewinder4705 said:

Asha degree, not sure if you've done this one or not

 Shelby North Carolina

Thanks, I don't think I have ever heard of this case before, going to take a look now. 

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On 9/20/2020 at 9:57 PM, EWU Emma said:

Have any missing persons cases you'd like to see us cover next? Post your suggestions here! 😊

Hi Emma and crew,

I have an excellent missing person story.  I have no idea if there are any clues... but, you may be able to dig some up.

Back in 1997, a woman was working a late shift at a local 711 type mini-mart.  She was apparently kidnapped from the store that night.  There was one possible witness that watched her be kidnapped and carried into a pickup truck (with a racing stripe down the side). The witness stated she was thrown into the bed of the truck.

Not alot of information was provided.  Her family was absolutely devastated.  Rumor has it that people involved with a local occult group were responsible.  No one was ever charged.  All loved ones were cleared confidently.

Here name: Rebecca Kathleen Reid

Location: Eugene, Oregon

Date and time: 1 a.m. Jan. 27, 1997

Store: Grocery Carts Store (now I believe it is a Dairy Mart?)

Detective back then: Detective Tracey Belshee (of the Eugene Police Department?)

Bio: She was 38 at time of disappearance, was a mother,  and just "5 feet 2 inches tall and 120 pounds, she was a bubbly woman with an infectious smile" (see reference). She was admired and loved by her friends and family.



Suspects: (?), also I have a suspect that confessed something to me in person, but I will not publish her name publicly, in fact she gave me details of the kidnapping. The detective told me that she would have to confess, since it is a cold case, and my word of her testimony (confession) was not enough.  I would be happy to provide her information to you personally and it would be amazing if what she is confessed is true; it may bring closure to the case.  I am also happy to reiterate what she told me privately if you all are interested.


Thank you for the channel, it would be amazing if you featured Rebecca in a show.  I know that the family faced serious heart break about her disappearance and I'm guessing they wouldn't want to talk(?).  But... I present the above information to you for your consideration and thoughts.


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Hi, so I know I'm kind of late to this post but you might come back for more ideas? Anyways, I have a missing persons case from the town I live in and it doesn't have much coverage. I really hope you guys give this case a look.. I live in Joplin, Missouri and this is where this all happened.

Sarah Elizabeth Burton is a woman from Joplin, MO and disappeared on the night of July 17th, 2018.  She was dropped off by a friend in Joplin at 10th and Rex Avenue and had planned to walk home from there. Sarah never arrived. A few days later, her friend that had dropped her off contacted her parents and had informed them Sarah left her purse and one shoe in the car. Her parents grew worried and reported her missing on July 20th. 

Sarah was a really good student and child growing up, she was even in a gifted program at school and was a cheerleader. As everyone from around this area knows, Methamphetamine is unfortunately common. This is what Sarah began doing after she graduated high school and it made her start hanging out with the wrong crowd. She received a drug charge near this time and had to serve it in prison. She has two sons and had a very toxic relationship with their father, which is how it usually goes with people who do drugs like Meth. Many locals believe her boyfriend may have had something to do with it but he was in jail at the time.

If you guys consider doing this case, I have some more information you guys can have. It definitely has spooked this town and makes me very sad for Sarah, I sit here typing wondering where she is and what her fate was or if she is still alive. Her case is very suspicious and hasn't had many follow ups lately. I just want to know what happened on that night and why she disappeared, it would be awesome for my favorite YT channel to cover something from this small town! I just have a feeling that something big happened to her and it'd be awesome to at least have someone who has a large fanbase to spread the word. 

Sarah's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sarah.burton.50702

Here is her on/off again spouse's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100016967747953


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Ah, the site is still up 🙂 Good! 🙂
Not a missing person, but he was unidentified until recently.
This one was just solved. But very intriguing!

This has been circulating on a few PA hiking groups (only seen posts recently, I dug a bit and found it's been circulating for a while), and I can share the details of one group because it's a public group (links below). He went by the name of "Mostly Harmless" and it seems he disconnected from everything and just wanted to die on the trail.

Here's the article solving the case: https://www.adventure-journal.com/2020/12/the-mystery-of-deceased-hiker-mostly-harmless-is-at-long-last-solved/

Related posts before it was solved:










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Name is Sarah(don't know last name) from Ohio, last seen in some hotel. Tweeted by twitch streamer MikeyPerk:


Link to his twitch stream where he talks about her:


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