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Nope, we are all in this together, to help each other. It's no problem at all. I should create a forum for other YouTubers to share their channels, content, etc. You're free to post your videos, channels, etc. 

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Great idea, Bob! I created a forum for all the explorers not too long ago, but ended up deleting the whole site since it didnt have much traffic. I even had a section for EWU Crew! You can have the domain (urbexers.com) for free if you're interested. (I'm not trying to do any advertising here, just offering help!)

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    • By EWU Bob
      If you're reading this, you are probably already aware of the Adventures with Christian vs Area 51 Rider story, but what you may not know is the true story of what actually happened - and is currently happening. 
      If you want to hear the true story from someone who was once friends with both parties, you have come to the right place. 
      If you think it's some silly internet battle, you would be right, but some have taken it far beyond a silly internet battle and into the realm of attempting doxx and destroy another person's reputation and business! 
      Adventures with Christian VS Area 51 Rider: The Background 
      This all started years ago when Adventures with Christian and The Area 51 Rider were engaged in a fierce battle on YouTube. I have no idea how they met, maybe @The Area 51 Rider can give us a little bit of that background, but it seems to have started sometime in 2017. I have no idea what happened to get it all kicked off. 
      I didn't understand what was going on between them at the time and thought the whole thing was stupid! I considered them both friends and even tried to mediate between them. I had talked to both and asked them if they would be willing to allow me to mediate between them and Foster agreed, but Christian was unwilling. 
      Foster always agreed to try and work it out, but Christian always said he wanted nothing to do with Foster. I figured Christian was just upset and would eventually agree to let it go and move on.
      Christian made a few videos about how he was being bullied on YouTube and was going to quit YouTube (videos which have have since been deleted). I was in email with him the whole time and told him to not quit and offered to help him with this channel. I still have all the emails and may post them eventually just to show you how this guy operates! 
      Christian continually tried to get me to take sides (something Foster never asked me to do), but I thought the whole thing was stupid. That was before I realized how crazy and vindictive Christian really is.
      Foster continued to warn me about him, but I refused to listen. I trusted Christian and thought he was a good guy, but little did I know he was literally a Jekyll and Hyde character.
      Then something eye opening happened ...
      Foster allegedly slapped some stickers on Christian's vehicle, which I thought was totally out of line, but then something even more crazy happened! 
      Christian made a few posts about how he had gotten into a major accident because of the stickers and his son was injured so badly that he would never by able to play ball again. He also said that Foster had cut his brake lines ... then suddenly, all the posts were deleted by Christian. 

      If you pay any attention to Christian, you will see this play out over and over again.
      Just like the claims that he came out of Tikaboo Peak to find his vehicle had a bunch of logs stuffed under the wheels and he "has video evidence of those who did it". But he never actually produces any evidence to these wild claims!
      Just like the logs shoved under his wheels, nobody could find any evidence of an accident or injuries... and then I realized what I was dealing with! Complete craziness!
      I still have all the e-mails we sent back and forth that I might post to show how much of a douchebag he is. 
      He acts like he is such a nice guy until you don't do what he demands you do, and then he turns on you viciously... just not to your face.
      He does exactly what he has been doing to Foster for all these years, starts using fake accounts to troll and attack you. He will attempt to doxx you and make up vicious lies to destroy your reputation. Everything he says is literally a projection of what he is doing himself! 
      You see, he wanted me to take sides against Foster, and when I told him it's not happening, he suddenly changed into someone totally different and the attacks against us started under fake accounts.
      He suddenly ghosted my e-mails and the anonymous attacks against us started, and continue to this day! 
      You may be wondering why he uses fake accounts to attack others, and it's because he likes to play the victim after people get tired of his attacks and retaliate. It's his way of attempting to gain sympathy from the few supporters he hasn't yet stabbed in the back. 
      It's almost like he enjoys the constant drama and thrives on it.
      Sometimes he slips up using his real account, and we have been documenting it all for the past few years. If he continues his attacks on Foster or anyone else, we will start to post all of the screenshots we have from these past few years to prove our case!
      For those he has turned on, feel free to join here and share your story as well. We hold no ill will towards you as I fell for his nice guy act as well! 
      Christian has a history of doing this to people who considered him a friend. I have messages from Ted Randall, Aaron, Paul, and so many others he has done this too. This is not his first rodeo! 
      Christian, I know you're reading this, as you have admitted to reading it, so I am going to invite you to join here and discuss this like an adult so we can get past it. Here is your opportunity to clear your name and to allow everyone to move. 
      Come on Christian, man up, put on your work boots (you know how you can't help but mention how hard you work) and step up to the plate. 
      For anyone who thinks it's silly that Foster continues to address this, all I can say is have some empathy and try to put yourself in his shoes. His reputation is being dragged through the mud and he is having vicious lies made up about him. He has no choice but to address it and attempt to clear his name. 
      For his supporters, why not come here to discuss it like adults instead of hiding behind fake names on an obscure website nobody visits? 
    • By EWU Emma

      Scott Madden (38 years old) vanished without a trace on July 13th, 2019. He was last seen that Saturday night at 9:45 PM and had told family he was going out for a swim. He took his mother's silver Toyota 4Runner and never returned.
      4 days later, that same silver Toyota 4Runner was discovered parked by a large green dumpster at Galena Creek Regional Park by a park ranger - but not just ANY park ranger.
      We verified with Scott's family that the same park ranger we had a creepy encounter with was the SAME park ranger who discovered the 4Runner. He acted incredibly strange when we mentioned Scott's case.
      WATCH HERE:https://youtu.be/iFjr49GmtQU
      According to Scott's family, this same park ranger recalled seeing the silver 4Runner parked in the lot on Saturday... the VERY night that Scott disappeared. He didn't call the vehicle in until WEDNESDAY. Even more disturbing is that this park is NOT a camping area as some have assumed. It's a fishing and picnic park, and NOT for overnight use. The park is locked up every single night. This means every night, the ranger was knowingly locking someone inside for FOUR NIGHTS STRAIGHT without reporting it...
      Scott's wallet was inside the truck, but the keys are still missing. Search & rescue teams scoured the surrounding dense woods but came back empty handed. Search dogs didn't find anything either. It was as if Scott was never even there.
      It's important to mention that some media is reporting that Scott is a missing veteran. This is false and based on the license plates of the silver 4Runner, which again, was his mother's vehicle. His father is a veteran.
      We verified with family that Scott did NOT have PTSD, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or ANY OTHER MENTAL ILLNESS.

      This is the last photo Scott ever took (pictured with his daughter). As you can see, Scott left the home wearing a reddish-completed colored t-shirt, navy blue swimming trunks, and Reef-style sandals. This picture was taken within 10 minutes of him leaving the home to go for a swim. His daughter had asked for him not to leave and stay home with her.
      According to Scott's family, before he left the home, he was "texting away furiously on his phone, ostensibly to arrange a hookup with some girl (he used POF and maybe Tinder to meet girls)". Because he wasn't using SMS to communicate with whoever he was talking to, Verizon didn't have any text records. Again, according to family, "he was either using POF/Tinder/What'sApp/etc. to communicate with whomever it was he was arranging to meet up with".
      Scott's phone - an iPhone XS Max - remains missing as well. The Air Force confirmed his phone tried to establish a data connection at 1:10am and 1:40am on the morning of Sunday, July 14th.
      What do YOU think happened to Scott Madden?
    • By EWU Bob
      Two men went missing last night near Elko, NV. (Specifically Montello Nevada) More information here:
    • By jeangrey4x4
      I used to live at the base of Blue Mountain, and I once got to explore the mountain. There are abandoned mines, abandoned mining claims, remains of a cabin that is at least 60 years old, and a year-round spring flowing out the side of the mountain! It was only accessible by quad, and it took about 2 hours to get to, but it is an incredibly unique and untouched place. Highly recommend exploring Blue Mountain!! At least half of it is BLM (checkerboard BLM and private land in mile squares out there). I also know of a few different abandoned houses, a ghost town, and a hot spring (if it's still there...) would love to share the info with you guys!! 
    • By EWU Rooney
      Most of us know that AREA 51 (officially) is a high-security open test and training range for the U.S. Air Force at Groom Lake, a dry lake bed in the Nevada desert, originally used by the CIA as a site to develop and test spy planes such as the U-2 reconnaissance aircraft
      What goes on inside is extremely secret, and the secrecy surrounding the range has helped fuel many conspiracy theories. What do you know about AREA 51, and what do you think is going on there?
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