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Written by Joseph Arctic Thunder 

On the evening of November 29, 1980, Granger Taylor 28 years old vanished, seemingly without a trace from his west coast home.

Granger Taylor was a rather eccentric genius.


Taylor was born on October 7, 1948 and raised in Duncan, Vancouver Island — a logging and fishing community in British Columbia. His friends and neighbors described Granger as having an amazing aptitude for constructing and mechanical devices. 

Granger who lived with his mother and stepfather’s in their wooded Somenos Lake property right up to the day he vanished — was a Grade 8 dropout, who became a self-taught mechanical wizard.

After leaving school he had managed to secure his first job as a mechanic apprenticeship but after just one year, he ventured out on his own and would remain self employed working as a welder, a mechanic and repairing heavy machinery.

Taylor’s list of accomplishments were impressive. He built a single cylinder automobile at just 14 years old, which was exhibited at the Duncan Forest Museum; at 17 he managed to rebuild a bulldozer that more seasoned mechanics had abandoned for being non-repairable. These remarkable achievements were just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Granger would often be bored and pushed himself further. He managed to extricate an abandoned locomotive nestled in the wood painstakingly plowing a path to the train and dragging it back onto the property by mechanical means, and then of course repaired the locomotive which was later purchased by the province.


He obtain his pilot license and acquired an WW2 plane which he refurbish and sold for $20 thousands.

This is where the story takes a strange turn. Granger became fascinated with the propulsion systems of UFOs. His attention became completely focused on this matter. 

He constructed a saucer-shape work-office / room in his yard where he spent a great deal of time speculating, contemplating and... receiving communication from aliens.


Then on November 29th 1980, Granger left an odd note for his parents. Now the mother was gone on a vacation in Hawaii leaving his father with the strange written message.


Dear Mother and Father,

I have gone away to walk aboard an alien ship as recurring dreams assured a 42 month interstellar voyage to explore the vast universe, then return.

I am leaving behind all my possessions to you as I will no longer require the use of any. Please use the instructions in my will as a guide to help.

Love, Granger.

Granger was last seen in a restaurant poorly dressed for a storm that was fast approaching. He left in his truck and was never seen again. Hurricane force wind would move upon the area. Not a great time to travel. The father persuaded the RCMP to help search for his son.
Exhaustive checks by the police yielded negative results. In fact RCMP over the years had not turned up any traces of Granger Taylor. The UFO and space enthusiast had simply vanished.


   Granger Taylor's Parents

On May 29, 1984, Granger Taylor’s 42 month expedition was scheduled to come to an end (according to his notes). His parents had left the backdoor unlocked for nearly 4-years — eagerly awaiting for their son’s promised return… he never came home.

In 1986 the truck was found on a mountain near Duncan, apparently blown to peices in what must have been a great explosion. 

Forestry crews discovered the blast site, about six kilometers northwest of Duncan. Two pieces of bone were found at the blast site and a pathologist confirmed they are human. Until further evidence is found, the RCMP is assuming they are Taylor's.

It was learned that Taylor had taken dynamite, used for blasting tree stumps, from his parents' Duncan-area farm.

It should be noted that 2 wills were left by Granger. The word "deceased" was scratched out and replaced with the word "departed". Was it suicide, accidental, or staged. Did the bad weather have anything to do with the explosion. No positive ID was ever established.





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That's a very interesting case and a strange one. 

All reports that I looked at says the same thing, it's certainly a mystery on what happened to him. 

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He was bright and people called him gentle Ben. One of his friend said, that if someone can build a working flying saucer it would be Granger. But still, communicating with aliens?

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I don't know what to say about the alien thing, he was a genius in what he did and who knows, maybe he had a sixth sense. 

From reading on what I read that he was last seen in a diner, he had explosives in his truck and went for a drive in a storm. 

If I had a guess on what happened would be his truck got struck by lightning as he was on a mountain in the storm. He had explosives so would explain the truck damage. 

I'm still trying to figure out why just two pieces of bone that they say is human and maybe from granger. 

If he was in the truck, would there be more of him inside the truck? Or least more bones ect scattered around.

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My guess is because it was six years after the fact, animals could have gotten to his remains (pieces). However in my opinion it's not conclusive that he committed suicide. The RCMP can not even confirm that the two pieces of bones found belong to Granger.


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That's a weird case and looking from that it will never be solved. I wish it would have been so his parents could have known the truth, what actually happened to him.

If he ever thought of suicide why did he think of that when he was living his best life and had loving parents? Another question is that is that truck his? How could they come to that conclusion?

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