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EWU Emma

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I completely understand why you and your family decided to change your content, there really is a lot of trolls on YouTube that can make your life miserable!! I have a small YouTube channel myself, different content, and I've had to deal with idiot trolls too and it can be extremely annoying!! I just found this forum, didn't know you had it until recently so I have been asking on your YouTube channel why you had left. I just feel it would have been nice for your true fans if you had made a video, even if it was a 30 second video saying goodbye and that you have decided to change your content and for an explanation send people here if you didn't want to make a long drawn out video explaining. It was just strange how you all of a sudden disappeared without an explanation. Your last video you made had a title that said ,"goodbye" in it but you said absolutely nothing in it as to why you were leaving! 

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Thanks for the feedback, but there is a very good reason we did not make a video on our reasons for changing the direction of the channel. We could not talk about this before because we needed to focus on the change and not set off a small vocal mob of "fans" who would leave negative comments, down votes, etc. 

The reason we did not make an announcement or video is that it would have caused a major backlash from a small vocal mob of angry "fans"( viewers), and we wanted to avoid any major backlash. We wanted a nice and peaceful transition where we could focus on the new content, and not have to read angry and rude messages from a small group of angry viewers on why we are wrong and how our channel is going to die.

It's hard enough trying to change the direction of a channel once it has so many viewers, and it would have been counter productive to make a video or announcement to cause a small angry mob of angry viewers to leave nasty comments, down vote the videos, etc. We had our minds set that we were going in this new direction, and that would have only caused nothing more than a distraction. 99% of our old viewers love the new content and the transition has been a major success. 

I wish some people would give others the benefit of doubt and realize they may not know what others are doing, or why they are doing it, and realize they may have done something a specific way for a very good reason. As we can see, our transition into a totally new type of content has gone very well and our channel is growing at a rate faster than we ever imagined. Actually, we have many channels now growing at incredible rates! That tells me that we must know a little about what we are doing. 

If anything,  maybe other creators who want to change their content can learn from this and how to property take their channel into a new direction. 

The most important thing for us as a family is that we have never been happier making content.

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Hello @Raaben, unfortunately due to those who don't respect our copyrighted content, we are forced to keep a fairly large logo on screen. I would love to not have a logo on the screen at all, but copyright thieves would love that and we would spend almost all our time sending out takedown notices. 

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Long time watcher and never understood the change. Glad I found this post and I am glad you addressed it even in text form. It sucks that people on the internet can ruin family fun and make things dark. I am saddened all that caused yall to change content types but absolutely completely respect your choice to do so as you said it best family comes first. 

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Just popping in to say I miss you guys and gals. I liked the content with the fam but am glad to hear you are doing something you enjoy. I also understand how after doing so many explores that it can become mundane. The best explores are those rare times you happen on a place that has essentially been untouched for years. As somebody that has been out to different places those are few and far between and difficult to find, often extremely difficult to get to or find. The two least untouched spots I have been to were miles deep hikes into the sierras and hidden under the trees from satellite views. 

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Just joined to make sure you guys and girls were ok! Congrats on Y’all’s success! Glad y’all are well and Bob, sorry the internet crazies were making you and the family uncomfortable. Those old videos are pretty cool though. I guess for us non crazy people it was nice to see a family that interested in something that I’m interested in. Stay safe and well. 

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Yes there are other exploring channel and I do follow them. I do prefer the older content, I started following when it was just Bob narrating. I really enjoyed it when it the presentation expanded and  included the family. As a father of 3 teenagers I thought it was very cool that your guys did this a family unit. I was amazed that Bob had to create a video defending what him and the fam where going. I also thought is was very cool that you where able to support yourselves with your YT productions. At the the time you expanded to include the girls did have reservations since I figured the sickos would come out. I am a bit jaded.  Apparently they did and much worse then even I though they might. This totally sucks. 

I hope all is well in the new year! 

I do have to point out this famous quote from Sean Connery,  reported declaration in 1971 that he would "never" play that James Bond role again. 12 years later and after Roger Moore's bond run, Connery returned in Never Say Never Again. 

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Hello from England y'all!

I'm quite new to EWU, but I love your videos, both the narrated mystery ones and the family explore ones. It's a shame you've given up the family ones, but it's understandable - I think you'd probably done enough of the Area 51/abandoned cabin ones anyway. 

It'd be great to have some video updates from the family occasionally. Take care!

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17 minutes ago, nightwolf said:

regardless it is good to know you all are safe. I know this covid is a pain in the butt would rather all of you home than out there taking a risk of getting it. Miss you all 

Thank you, and welcome to the community Michael. 

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1 minute ago, EWU Bob said:

Thank you, and welcome to the community Michael. 

Thank you all for your love and what you do. I to miss your exploring and videos but you an your family's health is more important. Cant wait till this covid is a past thing and you and the girls are back out exploring.

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Hi 🙂 I'm glad I found this post because I have been wondering where you guys went. I loved the old exploring videos and they will be greatly missed. But I completely understand why you made the change. I'm happy you all are doing great and will continue to support you, especially considering the new content is great also.

Thanks for the awesome videos!!!!!

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Thank you so much for the support Dj! Changing the direction of the channel was a scary decision even though we had it planned for some time. Luckily it went as planned and we can continue to do what we love. 

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I'm glad to hear that y'all are doing good! It was a good choice to change the content for the safety of y'alls family. I've always liked y'alls content and will always back this channel! Keep up the good work!

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On 6/24/2020 at 4:59 PM, EWU Emma said:

Lately, we've gotten a lot of questions asking us what happened to us.

Are we missing!?

Did we die!?

Did we sell the channel!?

Did someone get sick!?

Most people are simply genuinely concerned about us and want to make sure we're okay. A huge thank you to you guys for caring.

Others, however, think something horrible has happened to us and decided the perfect thing to do is start harassing us as they believe we're dealing with something horrible.

Some of them have even taken it upon themselves to start doing "research", including on the children of the family.


Sounds totally normal.


Luckily, the majority of people aren't ANYTHING like THIS...

Because if one of us died or got terribly sick, internet harassment would be SO nice to deal with.

Luckily, we are okay, but I can only imagine how horrible it would be to deal with this type of harassment if we were dealing with a personal tragedy as some actually think.

The simple answer is we are perfectly fine and the channel is just changing its content.

Not everyone will like the content and that's fine, it's your personal preference.

If you don't enjoy it, we completely understand, but that's the direction we are heading in and won't be going back to the old content ... sorry! 

We LOVE creating this content and the answer is no, the channel will never be back to old-style exploring.

We changed our content because we LOVE making this type of content, MUCH MORE than the old content.

The good news is there are plenty of awesome exploring channels for you to enjoy around YouTube.

But who are the new narrators!?

The new narrators will not be disclosed as we believe in respecting people's privacy.

We did not enjoy narrating, so we have others doing it now and they do a fantastic job. 

Did you sell the channel!?

No, why would we sell our channel? We spent many years building up our channel and have no plans on selling it. 

Why was my comment insulting the new narrators/asking who they are/asking why the change removed!?

We don't want our narrators to see insults aimed towards them, that isn't very nice.

Again, we also respect their privacy.

We have been also removing comments asking about the change because we will never be going back to the old content and we don't have time to answer every single comment about this. We are also not going to be arguing with people about it, it's a decision we have made after much consideration and discussion and it's final. 

The comments also aren't pertinent to the video.

But your Instagram/Twitter is gone!

Our Instagram account was closed up months ago before the content change.

Anyone who followed me on Twitter knows we hated Twitter and that's why we closed our Twitter accounts. We simply don't like social media and find it to be a boring time sink. We want to focus on making videos. We open our Twitter accounts up every once in a while, don't post much, and close them again because we find it boring.

Believe it or not, we didn't start a YouTube channel to blow up our egos, but instead out of a love of making videos. The first two years and 300,000 + subscribers of the channel, we never showed ourselves, only my Dad's voice could ever be heard. We make videos because it's fun, we DO NOT WANT TO BE STARS, nor are we stars as some seem to think. We are just a normal family who enjoys spending time together and making content for YouTube. 

We want to make the best content we possibly can, and that means having top notch voice acting. Like I said above, we didn't enjoy recording voiceovers and weren't happy with how they sounded. We want to make the best videos we possibly can, so instead, we changed narrators.

We are constantly striving to improve our videos. Like I said, we didn't do this for ego, so if improving the content means cutting ourselves out of the equation, then so be it.

Wow, the editing is SO trash now!

That's funny, we are still editing our own videos as we always have in the same exact style.

We hired someone to edit one video and weren't happy with it, so we're back to editing our own.

But you still have a Patreon! Aren't you scamming people, because you sold the channel and you still have a Patreon!?

No, we didn't sell the channel. Yes, we still have a Patreon. Our Patrons are up-to-date. Anyone who is a Patron is aware of the content change.

Did you guys "disappear" because of a lawsuit or legal troubles?

No, we just like making this content more and we didn't disappear. We are here on the forums, on Facebook, on Instagram, and you'll see us pop up every now and then on other social media. We just don't have time for social media.

Did you get kidnapped? Is Rooney holding you hostage and uploading to your channel?

Believe it or not, people are spreading this rumor. Obviously, no.

Are you ever coming back!? I'm unsubscribing!

No, we will never be "coming back". Not everyone will enjoy the new content, and as said earlier, that's fine. There's plenty of exploring channels for you to enjoy. Please feel free to unsubscribe if you don't enjoy the new content, we would do the same, so no hate intended!

Shouldn't you change your name since you're no longer exploring? 

Yes, some people are actually suggesting that we now should change our name. No, we are not going to change our name. 

Actually, the name Explore With Us still fits as the definition of explore inquire into or discuss (a subject or issue) in detail. We are now exploring mysteries and stories - therefore, the name fits. But, there is no rule that states a company's name must "fit"; for example, Amazon the store is not the same thing as the Amazon river. I am sure you can find many different instances of business names that either don't make sense or are just made up. It doesn't really matter.

When will Bob, Emma, and the family be back? 

We will never be back in front of the camera exploring as we enjoy making this content much more. We totally understand if you no longer like the content and unsubscribe as we would as well. No hard feelings as we would unsubscribe as well if we did not enjoy the content any longer. 

But why, I enjoyed the old exploring content more and hate this new content? 

The answer is really quite mundane, but the reason is that we enjoy making the new content much more. That's really all there is to it, and we have bigger aspirations. We have been to so many locations that they all start to feel the same after a while and it gets rather boring. Plus, we never wanted to be in front of the camera, which is why it took 2 years and 300,000 subs before we ever showed ourselves. As an introvert, I much enjoy being behind rather than in front of the camera. 

There are other reasons as well, but the most important reason is that we enjoy making the new content much more. 

Will you be getting rid of your Patreon now that your content has changed? 

Umm, no, and I am not really sure why anyone would even ask this question lol. Our new content is very popular and we get far more views and positive feedback than we ever have in the past. There are a lot of people who want to support our new content on Patreon. Our Patron's are kept in the loop as to what is going on and are very happy with the current direction of the channel. 

Why are you guys in fights with so many other YouTubers? 

Currently we are not in any fights with any other YouTubers. As a matter of fact, things are very chill on all of our social media platforms, and we intend to keep it that way. 

Did a corporation buy EWU and now they are producing content like ID?

This one I take as more of a compliment. Being compared to TV shows like ID is honestly a compliment and we aimed for quality, which means we must have hit the mark! No, a corporation did not take over the channel, it's still being run by the same people! 

What happened to the forum, why did you shut it down? 

We decided to close down the forum in order to focus on our other social media platforms. We are also no longer going to engage in needless drama. We wasted a lot of time and energy on needless drama on all of our social media platforms and do not wish to continue down that path. The forums were also a source of endless and needless drama that wasted time and energy and we would rather focus on positive things. We would rather spread positive vibes rather than negativity. 

We also made a lot of mistakes on our other social media platforms such a Twitter and Facebook in terms of using it for drama and negativity, which we are not proud of, but we do acknowledge it and are no longer going to make those mistakes. 

Lastly, the forum started on the wrong foot as it was about us, but our brand is no longer about us. 

Why did you reopen the forum? 

The reason is because we received a lot of messages via email asking us the questions above that we have answered. Instead of just answering every single one, we can now direct everyone here for all the answers in one place. In addition, we have plans to re-purpose the forums in a way that will be more positive and beneficial to our brand. Whatever we decide to do with the website will reflect our brand which is no longer about us. 

Is it because you guys have to deal with a lot of creeps and pedos? 

I didn't want to have to address this one as we wanted to keep it positive, but many of our loyal viewers have asked this question, and I only feel it's right to be honest with you. 

Yes, one of the major negative reasons we changed our content is due to all the creeps leaving very sick and disturbing comments about my family, including children who are underage. In addition, once we started adding the family, including underage children into the videos, the number of pedos who suddenly started to focus on us was staggering. Some even went so far as to make videos about us in a perverted sexual manner.

In short, it was not in the best interests of our family and their safety to continue down that path. Family has to come first. I wish I had known how many sick people there were out there before I ever introduced them into the videos. It made what was a fun family production into something that was very dark and disturbing.

All because they have fkn assholes and creepy weirdos harrsssing them.. if you support them you'll support Chanel it's all good and it's not that much diff there still good videos...ppl just mad they miss emma 😘.. God bless you fam and you..I got your back 💪

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I love  your content always made me think . The new content  is good to. I love hearing Emma voice Bobs voice it made the experience  alot better as of I was there  with you trying to figure  out things . It was very inspiring to me

I do understand  your  reasoning  for not showing the rest of family because  some people  went into a sick mode which isn't  cool. I do understand  your a family doesn't  want that around yhat and you made this choice to that  very respectful.  But there is other way to do a explore videos where you don't have to be infront of Camara. Like go flim a place then tell about it as you would if you where there like Narrate it . The new  content cool just not as meaningful if you know what I mean . Or just be like you  two news reporting one behind cam other film and switch  off . Just suggesting  these things incase you haven't  thought  of it. Not that it to change your minds just putting  it out there. As I said I will always enjoy your content . It is inspiring and fun.


Be safe best wishes to you all. God bless you  and the family

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On 1/23/2021 at 1:50 AM, Man977 said:

I'm glad to hear that y'all are doing good! It was a good choice to change the content for the safety of y'alls family. I've always liked y'alls content and will always back this channel! Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for the support, and it means a lot to us that viewers like both the old and new content. 🙂

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19 hours ago, Catlania said:

Im new to your channel so Im bouncing around on a lot of different videos catching up but I love it. 

Happy to see what comes next, if I ever catch up 😉

Welcome to the community Catlania. 

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I just want to say I support the new content 100% and the narrators are awesome I never thought anything bad happened I figured y’all were taking a break and possibly doing different I will always be EWU fan I’ll never unsubscribe and I wish nothing but the best for Bob, Emma,& Family, and anyone involved with your channel Have A Good Day Sincerely one of EWU Crews loyal fans Wes

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