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Bob, we were free last weekend.  This Saturday she has scouting stuff to do, so no go, unfortunately.  Most of the time, weekends are free.  At least in the later half of this month.

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    • By jeangrey4x4
      I used to live at the base of Blue Mountain, and I once got to explore the mountain. There are abandoned mines, abandoned mining claims, remains of a cabin that is at least 60 years old, and a year-round spring flowing out the side of the mountain! It was only accessible by quad, and it took about 2 hours to get to, but it is an incredibly unique and untouched place. Highly recommend exploring Blue Mountain!! At least half of it is BLM (checkerboard BLM and private land in mile squares out there). I also know of a few different abandoned houses, a ghost town, and a hot spring (if it's still there...) would love to share the info with you guys!! 
    • By EWU Bob
      Just curious as to what your favorite exploring apps are? 
      Here are some of the ones I use:
      Gaia Maps - Awesome for mapping and can use it with sartopo.com (SAR). Once I get my phone back from Charlie i'll see what the others one are that I use often. 
    • By Ewumom
      I think this would be a great spot to share the different types of food, recipes, and cooking gear we take with us when exploring.  It can be a challenge when you are in the middle of no where to feed everyone!  I know from experience!!  Lately tacos on a portable grill are “my thing”.  A little premade pico and guacamole, some hot sauce...you got it made!!  Of course, we are using low carb tortillas!  Share your favorites or your must haves here!  😀
    • By EWU Bob
      Just curious to hear what gear you carry with you when you know you're going to be far away from civilization? 
      I carry a ton of gear now, usually enough water for all of us for at least 5 days, personal locator beacon (2), mini-jump start, two small fire extinguishers, extra food, 3 recovery shovels, first aid kit, some extra matches, etc. What do you currently carry, wish you had, and think you can do without? 
    • By EWU Bob
      Many times on our videos we see people who are unhappy with the fact that we usually keep locations secret. Some think we do this in order to be mean, others think we do it because we are trespassing. The truth is, neither of these are actually true. The only reason we try to keep some locations secret is to try and prevent further destruction and vandalism of these locations. I am not sure it works though as it seems that every time we return to a location we kept secret, it's always destroyed more. What do you think? 
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