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I was wondering if you guys had any interesting solved cases to share? Some I have found interesting are the Chia kids (only partially solved),  Elisa Lam, and BTK, and The Golden State Killer. 

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Two strange FAMILY confinement cases

Two strange cases that were not even reported because no one even knew that a crime had taken place. Both deals with the secret incarceration of family members for years by their respective fathers and both stories came to light when one of the family member escaped.


Sealed forever: Cellar in Austria where Josef Fritzl kept his daughter as his sex slave for 24 years filled with 200 tons of cement.


Police in the Netherlands have arrested a mysterious man known as “Josef the Austrian” after a secret family was uncovered in a farmhouse.

It comes after a brother saved his four siblings who were allegedly locked away in a “doomsday prepper” cult for nine years waiting for the world to end.



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There are a couple or series on Netflix called “Cold Case Files” and “Cold Case Files - Classic”

I’ve only watched the Classic series so far but they are all Solved Cold Cases. There is a couple of really interesting ones on there. 

There is also a show on Netflix, I think it’s Innocence Files - that shows quite a bit of crooked cops etc

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