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Spooktator Bob

The disappearance of Brookelyn Farthing.

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Brookelyn Farthing ha been missing for many years now. From Madison county, Kentucky; the Berea area. I'm from the area and it is always disturbing to hear of missing people but the reality is re-enforced when it hits close to home.

I mention this for various reasons; one is to keep the news alive in hopes she is still alive and may be found some day. Another reason is because EWU may want to know of this story to cover it. 

People disappear for many reasons. I have read information that claims many people are actually not missing, they just moved on. Sometimes people want to disappear, sometimes it may be suicide or faking death to gain a new and hidden life; sometimes foul play is the cause.

I'm a "conspiracy theorist" and remember suggesting human trafficking when it happened, back in 2013. A later report stated someone had seen Brookelyn in Vegas. As a theorist, I've often said that young women are abducted and forced into a life of unspeakable acts. When I heard she had been spotted in Vegas, I am now 99.99% certain that is what happened to Brookelyn.

I hope she is alive and well and living on her own; and the situation is simply she just left on her own accord for whatever reason but, I doubt that is the case.

Anyway, there is the information for whoever may appreciate it.

Thank you,
Spooktator Bob

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