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EWU Rooney

Have You Ever Experienced Any Paranormal Activity?

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On 1/10/2020 at 7:49 PM, EWU Emma said:

As soon as I saw it, I ordered one for @EWU Bob😂

In the photograph of the steps are they going down or going up?

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I had my fair share of weird experiences. Can't conclude if they were paranormal or not.

Elementary school banging sound from a bathroom closet.

Door mysteriously swung open and slammed shut one random night in 2014. Yeah it was very windy outside but this was during the Winter. No windows were open

Xbox One randomly turning on by itself very recently, multiple times it happens.

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Yes I most definitely have. So when my  and all the kids in the house (7 of us) were all bunked into one room, because that’s all the space we had at the time, we had some crazy stuff going on with the door opening by it self. The adults were asleep and all of us were in the room talking. All the sudden the door comes open. Ok no big deal right? So we close it make sure it’s latched and like 5 min later happens again. My dads room was down the hall and it had old wood floors you could hear someone coming. We did this twice more and even waiting by the door so when it did we could see if someone was messing with us. Nobody was. We finally locked it which had an old school lock on it like the big square box and the lock latch pushes too the side( if anyone knows what I’m referring too). Anyways literally 10-15 min later without the lock coming undone the door opens up again. We legit just said f it and all hid under our covers or sleeping bag and tried to sleep. Didn’t happen again but let a memory I won’t forget. Just looked it up. It’s called a rim lock. Pic included


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