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  1. Hi! & Welcome!!! If you have any questions about Area 51, The Area 51 Rider has all the answers on the topic, he been going there for..... nearly 17 years exploring.... I'm not even that old yet.
  2. I toss it around for a month wondering if I should post my experience or not. What the hell and I went for it. Things keep surfacing of stuff he said or stuff he did that I should have included. I remember a time when he accused me of calling his son's teachers at school. How the hell would I even know where his son went to school let alone what teachers and classes he had to get a hold of his teachers? And if I did call them, what would I even say? All lies. During that same time he accused The Area 51 Rider for calling his son's baseball coach. Like how is A51R going to know who his coach is!
  3. That whole idea of getting together on the top of Mandalay Bay with Christian and Wonder Hussy just makes my skin crawl. It sounded like a recipe for disaster. I have nothing against WH, pornstar or not, she was polite to me, treated me like a human. This isn't about her, But I think she should keep her eyes peeled and her iron sights on the lookout for Christian. I hope she has a CCW It is caution in the places she explores. I also find it interesting that Christian had some sort of fascination with the Mandalay Bay. Wasn't that the same hotel that had the shooting at a country western music festival?
  4. Nice pool man! Good to see you here.

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      @Desert Jeff Welcome to our community. 

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      Welcome Jeff, nice to see you here. 

  5. Christian did the same thing to me on my You-Tube Channel channel and Area 52 Rider's. It got really old. His posts were there, we call him out on it and he'd remove it like a middle school aged kid.
  6. It’s been a month since this thread about Adventures with Christian started on EWU. I reckon I’ll throw in my words too. It’s long, but I have a lot to say to cover the past 3 years with Christian aka, Adventures with Christian. I became friends with Christian in the Spring of 2017. I had begun my research on Area 51. I planned on visiting, it was one of my pipe dreams since the early 90’s. I did what many do, I turned to the internet for research. I found Christian on YouTube. I chatted with him on YouTube and in Messenger on FB. We even emailed and texted. He had some good info to offer. I valued his knowledge he gave me. We seemed to have a good friendship, like we were pin pals. As time went on, some of the things he told me seemed too far-fetched; both personal details about him and his trumpeting about Area 51. I just politely agreed and continued my communication and our friendship built, somewhat. I later discovered Wonder Hussy YouTube channel and she explored places in Nevada as well. I chatted with her a little bit and I guess she really trusted me, she gave me some really sound advice on exploring some areas and some directions how to get there, and she never relinquishes that info. Coming from 3 states away, at one time 4 states, I’d take any tips or knowledge I could get. I asked Christian if he knew Wonder Hussy and if she was creditable. He said he knows her well and his wife (not noted as ex-wife at this time) works with her in Vegas dancing. Okay so Christian was married to a dancer? Sure, okay…. It could happen I guess. He asked me when I come down to visit to look him up and he will call Wonder Hussy and he knows the maintenance guy at the Mandalay Bay that overlooks the Janet Jets and his maintenance guy friend can lets us up on the roof of the Mandalay Bay where we can do a cooperative video and talk about the Jets, Area 51, and whatever else Wonder Hussy wants to do. That sounded like a good recipe for getting into trouble and besides, I have no business running around with someone like Wonder Hussy. My spouse wouldn’t appreciate it, & and it would be awkward anyways…. That was my first instinct. My second, instinct was that his idea seemed to be again too far-fetched. He also said that Wonder Hussy is amazing and fun to be with when alone. WHAT?? Come on…. Is he pulling my leg? What is he getting at here? Besides she seemed to be the type who wouldn’t hang around with someone like Christian and probably carries weapon to drop any sick male with lead to the head anyways. I had started to get some strange feelings about Christian about this time. He knows the maintenance guy at Mandalay Bay who can let us on the roof? I guess he could, it could happen, but I wanted no part in this, at all. I just let that entire idea go away on its own hoping he would forget about it and never ask me again. He never did. We had emailed back and forth a few more times. It was then my strange feelings about him heightened. I was on alert. Something has gone wrong with our friendship and I don’t know what. My wife even asked me, “How is your friend in Vegas doing, the welder? The last time she asked I had to answer, “I hadn’t heard from him in a few weeks, I don’t know how he is. Maybe he is busy welding, he said he owns a welding business and has a lot of trucks he operates out of”. This was at the time I had discovered The Area51 Rider (I’ll call him A51R for short). I had been chatting with him on his page about Area 51. Little did I know Christian had been watching this and didn’t like it and he had ghosted me. Unaware of Christians new hatred toward me, I had emailed him like friends do asking him how he has been, what going on, and I hadn’t heard from him in a while, and if he is okay. Christian emailed back with in the day scolding me for communicating with A51R, telling me he was an evil man, to not ever talk with him again, and calling A51R every hateful word that would make a sailor blush. He even called me names for talking with A51R. Christian had blown up, twisted off on me for chatting with A51R. I was in such disbelief of how Christian thrashed out at A51R and at me. I emailed Christian back asking him to back down, I have done nothing wrong, but talk with Area 51 people on YouTube, just as I had talked with him. I told him I was also leaving for Area 51 in a couple weeks and if he still wanted to meet up, we could. I was trying to salvage the friendship that suddenly took a nose dive. Christian took my “meet up request” as a threat as if I wanted to meet up and fight him. He said he felt sorry for me, and called me a bunch more names and he warned me that all of the Nevada mining employees will be watching for me and I am not welcome in Nevada anymore. He said he was going to “kick my ass”, if he sees me. Christian said he’s a “black belt in karate”. He has seriously twisted off, flying off the handle and he hates my guts now. If he wants to act like he is in middle school that’s fine. I, being the more mature one, blocked him on Facebook, blocked him on YouTube, I blocked him on GMAIL, which deleted all our communications we had. Furthermore, I submitted a request to Verizon to block his number so he could not call or text me anymore. Verizon complied. Apparently I was now just as evil as The Area 51 Rider. Why?? Because we openly chatted on A51R’s channel? There is some sort of unhealthy reasoning behind why Christian hates A51R so bad, and me too. To be honest, I thought maybe Christian was right, maybe there is something wrong with A51R. I was super cautious for a while; I mean come on, who wouldn’t be? I threw my guard up, yet A51R treated me with kindness, even called me Sir. He was professional, and he seemed ok, all the time. I finally asked A51R about Christian and if there was something wrong with him. A51R told me Christian is a pathological liar, and told me to look up the meaning and symptoms of that and Christian fits every one of them. I never have known a pathological liar, & I’m not a psychologist, so I did look up the true definition. Oh my!!!! He’s right!!! I couldn’t believe how accurate this was. Everything made since. Here is a few detail of a pathological liar. -Along with being made the hero or victim in their stories, pathological liars tend to tell lies that seem to be geared at gaining admiration, sympathy, or acceptance by others. - They seem to believe the lies they tell -Talk about experiences and accomplishments in which they appear heroic -The play the victim in many of their stories, often looking for sympathy - Has different versions of the same story, which stems from forgetting previous details - Creates a false stories and history, such as saying they’ve achieved or experienced something they haven’t. Often, stories are too good to be true. - Claiming to have a life-threatening illness that they don’t have - Telling lies to impress others - Enraging Anger Ref: https://www.healthline.com/health/pathological-liar#what-is-it This was in 2017 mind you, now it is mid-2020, a little more than 3 years later and I am still friends with The Area51 Rider. My guard is no longer up with The Area 51 Rider. I have even sent him cards in the mail. A51R and I are good friends. I am thankful to know him and we chat often. I went to Area 51 in 2017, twice. I explored, video, & pictured. The entire time, Christian knew I was going to be there, I watched for him. I always looked over my shoulder for him because I wasn’t sure how crazy he is. I never saw him or his white TJ Jeep that can’t drive over rocks “left by the cammo dudes”, that he referred to in one of his passed videos. I never saw any miners who wanted to beat me up and throw me out of Nevada. In fact, I went there THREE TIMES, over the course of two years. It is a very fascinating area. The Area51 Rider gave me some great info. He has been going there for 16 years? 2020 if he makes it, would be 17 years or close to that. A51R has made Area 51 a career and with the exception of Glenn Cambell, A51R knowledge cannot be matched. He has sent me to places with GPS Coordinates that no else has ever covered. Places that I will not openly speak about nor post video online about. I’ve had a YouTube channel since YouTube began. It’s a channel about everything. Desert, Drones, FPV, vehicle fixes, more recently, Area 51. I do not have any more Area 51 content. I ran out, I knew that would happen. I don’t try to push it on my channel, I don’t make money on my channel. I have a lot of videos that are made for my family to refer to and to “remember when”. That is its only purpose. When I did post videos, Christian, and maybe his son Sean, by the wording of some the comments, were down thumbing my videos. Ok that’s fine. I don’t care. But they were also commenting nasty nasty dirty remarks. I had to research how to put a word filter on my channel. That stopped their comments at least. I was constantly reported to YouTube for fake violations. Nothing ever resulted of those. I posted a handful of Area 51 videos and Christian took it as a personal attack on him, he tried to get my channel shut down multiple times with no success. My Area 51 Videos here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD48FW6KgQLlC0iEpZ5JHIPiIO0jw_CAl Suddenly I was blamed for a Cheaterland write-up about Christian. It was a post about how he beat his wife, son, and daughter and hangs out with other single baseball mom’s. No I didn’t do that; I didn’t even know such websites existed. I ignored Christian’s accusations of writing that stuff about his family. I guess he couldn’t get a rise out of me so then he turned his blame to The Area 51 Rider. He didn’t do it either. There was a lot of personal info in the Cheaterland write-up. There was stuff written in there that can’t be made up except by an ex-wife or ex-in laws. This was also at the time when Christian made a video “Quitting Area 51” or something like that. In that video he expressed he just went through a real hard divorce and I guess his ex-wife cleaned him out. The entire tone of that video sounded like he was going to commit suicide. I know that video is out there on YouTube somewhere but I don’t know where. Does any one know? Christian got involved with someone called KS222, another YouTube artist making videos doxing A51R and a few against me as I continued to use YouTube to chat with A51R. Most of those were removed I think because they violated YouTube rules. KS222 has disappeared… I often wondered if she/he was a new girlfriend/boyfriend who helped Christian cut up other people’s videos for purposes of attempting to defame them. After a few months KS222 disappeared, maybe they broke up? Shortly after, Christian seemed to continue to try to defame A51R on smut websites that only middle scholars use. There has been lots of happenings and events in between the lines above. Such as the logs mysteriously put under Christian’s Jeep. We all know he did it to film it and try to blame it on A51R. A51R was in Canada at the time! Hey Christian, you have a freakin TJ!! You couldn’t drive over those tiny logs? WTH? Your TJ must be a Mall-Crawler not a Rock Crawler, and with those over-sized tires, I hope you break your Dana 35 rear axle, perhaps why you can’t drive over logs. On the subject of the Jeep, Christian made up a story that A51R cut his jeep brake lines. That’s another fabricated story that many others have debunked! His jeep was not in an accident. Pathological liar; “Claiming to have a life-threatening illness that they don’t have” and “Played the victim in many of their stories, often looking for sympathy”. His ex-wife knows Wonder Hussy; “Telling lies to impress others”. I am not impressed. But I understand why his wife left him. Good for HER! Christian has some anger management issues and is why he got so upset at me for communicating with A51R and is also the reason why he lashes out at him and so many others including myself. Several months have passed since I’ve noticed anything new with Christian trying to defame me. Then again, I haven’t been watching either. I do have to wonder how much longer this is going to go on. I wonder when Christian is going to flip is top and go postal. He has no one to blame, but himself for any of this.
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