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  1. Thank you @Highlander, it is always good to get thoughts from someone who has owned the same vehicle. Thank you.
  2. Have been looking for a new vehicle for a while. Not brand new but new to me. Came across this pickup https://miami.craigslist.org/pbc/cto/d/west-palm-beach-2004-toyota-tundra/7111191923.html Any thoughts or warning signs you can see? Mileage looks ok for being 2004 plus it's Toyota. I like everything about it except the tail lights . They look a bit odd to me but I can imagine driving west and taking a week or two just to explore.
  3. Interesting video thanks for sharing. Good narrator too. Have you seen the other videos like this when they just use a computer voice it's so annoying. But this is great. Thanks.
  4. Ok. Last comment here because I can tell I'm not welcomed. Let me clarify "take it easy Emma" was directed towards her way she posted to me. It wasn't aimed to everything else. Her response in that manner to me for having a different opinion and learning as I go. Again maybe it was the way I was raised but the responses to me I see here are just like cliques in high school. Like shun the new person call them a rat no other opinions allowed without being ganged up. I guess it's just the internet. I have been completely calm in my posts on this thread. You wouldn't want to see me upset just joking I wouldn't do that.
  5. I do love hearing about things people have seen in the night sky. I am fascinated with the stories. I haven't seen anything but am jealous of people who have. I should spend more time looking up.
  6. I think you are from around the Toronto area? The city drowns out much of the sky I imagine. I once drove from east coast to west coast and I remember the amazing sky in the west when we were in the middle of no-where.
  7. Ok. That was a great example of "that escalated quickly." I did't know everyone was so on-edge. I will kindly take my thoughts elsewhere where I can ask questions without being assumed to be a cult-member ? or attacked for not using my full name on a website? Take a look at your users how many used their names? I shouldn't have posted in here. Lesson learned. Call me an old fashioned but people sure don't give people much respect anymore.
  8. Easy does it Emma. Please don't let questions like mine cause issue. It's clear that he is not what he pretends to be. Got to be real though that there is some cringe in this thread. The Area 51 Rider blogs are excellently written and have great evidence. I don't see reason for everything else that is tacked on like calling names and jokes and assumptions. It is probably because how I was raised. You are a good community here. I've only begun posting here but I can tell there are good people here. Rereading this thread it starts to look like a clique though. But of course it is your website so I am just stating my opinion. I will understand if you tell me to hit the road though.
  9. Man that is sick if he signed you up. Are you sure it was him. Just saying because the internet eats up conflict like thanksgiving dinner and I have seen that there are always a lot of guests online so any one of them could have done it to upset you. Or fan the flames as they say. There is a lot of blame being thrown and rightly so but I'd question blaming him for everything that happens without evidence that ties it to him. Playing devil's advocate but this is what was said earlier about how his followers believe everything he says without evidence. Not that I doubt he did it but should we believe everything here without evidence that ties it to him.
  10. Years ago when I was younger I would get lost looking at the stars and just letting my imagination go. Thinking about what is out there. Space is so big our minds can't even come close to comprehending it. It was a feeling I haven't really felt as I get older. I miss that feeling of wonder.
  11. Oh, I understand now thank you. It sounded like you were linking to a video that you hadn't made by the way your words read. I think I follow most of what has happened but it gets complicated when there are different channels being used to upload old videos of Adventures With Christian. And sometimes they are originals and sometimes they are made by you. But I know it is complicated. Thank you.
  12. New here too. Was lurking for a while but jumped in.
  13. That is the kind off road rig I would love. Great picture
  14. A good leaf blower but seriously that has amazing control I am impressed
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