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  1. He has a very angry friend of the channel? Well, let's see what this person has to say, I won't hold my breath to long, you never have backed up any of your claims Christian.
  2. That goes for you as well Christian, even if it's under a fake ass account. You know that you can't hide forever, so come on, man up and defend yourself.
  3. I am glad that you did Jeff, your first post on this thread is excellent. You have a great channel to. I'm not subscribed but I will do it right now.
  4. Oh don't get me wrong, I do agree Sean has helped his father in this. It seems like he Christian manipulated his relationship with his son for his sick vendetta. Do we hear from his son anymore? I for one hope that he has seen the light and moved on. I also hope that my children don't end up carrying out my deranged wishes if I ever get a mental illness.
  5. Just been on cheaterland for the second time in my life, OMG I think most posts are from Christian. Someone is saying his son should be taken to court as well, I am not sure about that unless more evidence linking him to this comes forward. Lets not bring him into it unless he has done something on his own, most of us would back our own family to a point.
  6. I started watching TheArea51Rider a long time before christian came on the scene, I watched about 10 of AWC videos before I realized what a fake he was. I didn't really want to get involved when I found out his beef with a favourite, much liked and respected youtuber of mine, unfortunately for him he crossed the line when he doxed him and put Foster, his family and neighbours at risk, destroying a mans buisness for no reason is low enough, going after his family and friends is completely despicable. Christian, we are going to take you down, I have noticed you have given up uploading again, still bringing in the donations through Patreon though. I advise that everyone screenshots everything and live records the live feeds that this criminal puts out. It hasn't gone unnoticed that EWU have been targetted by the internets lowest either by people who can't even string a sentence together. We have a great community on both channels and most of us will pledge whatever it takes to bring Christian before a Judge.
  7. I just checked out the comments section on that video and like I thought, he has withheld your comment Foster. I have an idea of how we can get the message through to some of his fans about what Christian is really like. The original poster "Max Squadbattle" has uploaded a few videos recently. Would it be ok to share a link to this thread through one of his videos?
  8. Welcome @SonicandSheeps 🙂

    1. SonicandSheeps


      Thanks EWU Rooney. Glad to be here.

  9. Great blog guys, plenty of evidence and hopefully more to come. Christian should be brought to justice for what he has done to Foster, his youtube channel and his family. I am behind you 100% on this and if there is anything that I can do then I will, although I am not to sure what at this stage.
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