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  1. I dont see how you could accidentally cross now.
  2. I separated all the JPEGs and RAW image files. I need to upload them to dropbox and drop the link. I'll do that in a bit.
  3. No video. Was too windy to fly. Did take a few photos with the DSLR though.
  4. I'm back at it again. Very windy today. Drone flights not likely.
  5. I have it on good, reliable authority that the convo they had was not friendly, but professional. They are definitely not friends. Bob, if you want to know the details on this just PM me.
  6. Oh yeah. Now I remember. I also remember OSI having a issue with it.
  7. I didn't know he even had a drone. I never saw any drone footage in his vids.
  8. Infact I may make my own sign pointing out that it is infact illegal to block access to structures and roads/land considered owned by the BLM and afix it to the structures.
  9. I think the next I go I may remove the wood covering the door. If its BLM land then I have nothing to worry about. Unless I'm approached by the so called owner. Is there a BLM map I can access online somewhere? I will take printed copies of the map and BLM rules with when I go.
  10. The plywood blocking the door looks newish. So if this is on BLM land then I could have used the hammer I carry to pull the nails without reprisal from the Sheriffs office then. I never got out of the vehicle, I was hesitant to explore the house since it was boarded up.
  11. That's the one's. I guess someone felt they could stake claim to it? Maybe their own personal free bugout cabin.
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