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  1. I have always wanted to visit the Pacific North West like Oregon, Washington and Vancouver island. I love places that have trees, green moss and water, etc. I would love to take a hike there.
  2. I personally don't believe in ghosts but I wouldn't stay alone overnight in a place that was said to be haunted. I have known people who claim to have had weird stuff happen. My best friend growing up and his family said their house was haunted, his dad told me a story of when they bought their house and he was using power tools and saws to fix the place up that the extension cord would come unplugged and be thrown 5 to 10 feet from the outlet, he said it happened multiple times. They also heard voices and weird noises. I never noticed anything weird when I stayed over for a night but it was a creepy old house.
  3. DB Cooper is one of my favorite unsolved mysteries, I think his parachute didn't open and he died on impact but I like to think he survived. You got to have big cajones to hijack a plane and then jump out at 10,000 feet in a suit and tie during a winter rainstorm!
  4. Here is a picture of my friends Chihuahua named Paco he loves coming over to my apartment to visit. Nicest Chihuahua I have ever seen loves everyone and doesn't bite or bark much. My apartment doesn't allow pets.
  5. Yeah people need exercise so hiking trails and bike paths should be open. I have noticed some of the playgrounds here are closed and some aren't.
  6. That would be nice if YouTube gave content creators the ability block trolls from their content or maybe YouTube should ban people making threats or inappropriate comments. The way it is now people can pretty much say whatever they want with no consequences. A lot of content creators have left the platform because of abuse they get.
  7. I hate it when people jump to conclusions like that without all the facts but I like how you put him in his place with your response.
  8. Mustangs are pretty nice cars.
  9. My sister had a beagle named Toby that looked like that, he was a major pain in the butt sometimes he would run away but was a very friendly dog.
  10. Make your kids push it back home, it only weighs 10,000 pounds! I agree it wouldn't be good for exploring desolate areas but I think it's cool looking and would probably cover most peoples needs.
  11. What state? If you don't want to say that's fine. I am in Colorado.
  12. The parks in my area are a lot busier than normal, most are doing a good job of social distancing but I have seen groups of people playing Frisbee golf. And of course the stores are crowded and it's impossible to keep distance there but lots of people are wearing N95 masks or homemade masks. Kroger employees are working hard to sanitize the carts and baskets.
  13. What do you guys think of the CyberTruck that Tesla is coming out with?
  14. Maybe the Trump administration overestimated the death toll on purpose, so when it turns out to be less they look better?
  15. My favorite pickup is a 1972 Chevy SWB, I don't own one though they are expensive. For newer vehicles I like Tesla's.
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