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  1. With all the creeps exposing themselves, maybe we can make this new show happen!
  2. No clue..... There’s another YT’er who is a small Asian guy that puts away an insane amount of food.... Have no idea how their stomachs don’t burst
  3. I know I went above outing myself, but these are all jokes. It’s okay to poke fun, (bearing EWU approval) I honestly don’t know if any of the cop memes I have that are shared amongst each other safe
  4. Truth be told I’m a fat guy, and based on watching “competition” eaters, it’s always the small guys that do the best. Which is absolutely astonishing to me. Especially Molly Schumer I dont know where this young lady puts all this food! I doubt I could finish one without a time limit lol https://youtu.be/WUU58hzPiXc
  5. Oh it is must!!! Hell I was getting bored on my Vegas trip till I made there. My favorite part of that trip. One of these days I want to go back
  6. Not much, but in my one and only trip to Vegas, I had the most fun here!
  7. From the article, “According to the Sherman Police Department, Sarah Nuessner’s body was found several miles downstream of where the crash occurred in Post Oak Creek.”.
  8. And how do they know she was in the car? Indeed lots of questions
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