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  1. We live in interesting times. To the Chinese. My you live in interesting times is a curse. 

  2. Trump says Iran planning sneak attack on U.S. troops.

  3. I was out the other day and found a brick. It has hydraulic wrote on it. Very heavy. I looked it up and it was made in St. Louis. It came from the glass factory that was here for a lot of years. Our neighbor city crystal was originally a company town set up by the glass factory.
  4. NASA alert system has discovered a celestial object bigger than Jupiter coming toward us.

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    2. tom


      That's what the fucking news alert said. I am not fear mongering'

    3. EWU Rooney

      EWU Rooney

      Easy now @ArcticThunder. I suggest you report it instead of going beserk and making a scene 

    4. tom


      I just don/t like being called a fear monger when I just posted word for word a a news alert.

  5. Trump just said we could get up to 4000 deaths a day from the virus.


    1. tom


      White house task force cautions potential 100000 to 240000 deaths from virus.

  6. We are not on a stay at home order yet. In Missouri. I do stay here in the house alone. My sister makes sure of that.
  7. Girl you just cant resist all that shit can you.

  8. you going to go after that asshole. I like a little fire in a girl.
  9. I haven't been out in several weeks. my sister brings me food. She doesn't want me to go out.
  10. Cool, I use my glock for the criminals.
  11. They are not carrying food and medicine.
  12. It is a bounty hunter.
  13. I have a metal detector. I dug up a piece of wire and a beer can.
  14. i didn't see it. Emma never answers my posts anyway,
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