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  1. I'm glad to see someone fighting against Keemstar & his toxic cancel culture, he's not a nice person and has done very questionable things in the past even though H3H3 has also done questionable things, Keemstar is a bad apple I've seen his army of fans they all carry the same mob mentality he does, a few years ago Keem attacked a man who was playing a RPG (role playing game) called Runescape he falsely accused him of being a pedo & made the man cry on stream as he attacked him with no concerete evidence, it turns out this was an internet wide witch hunt and Keem had "accidentally" mistook him for a pedo without doing any research he found this kindly 62 year old man called Tony. Keem and his "fans" made this man cry and they swamped his comments and chats often leaving him confused & upset. Keem thought that this man called Tony was a disgusting and vile being called John Phillips who had used Runescape to meet with a minor and do things I will not mention here as I do not wish to upset anyone. I have never liked Keemstar and never will due to this action & another example of Keem's toxicity is when he was interviewing the late Etika early in 2019 people claim that he egged him on and provoked his suicidal thoughts by saying "If you really think about it, then why live?, just jump off a cliff" this drama is honestly crazy! I've been keeping tabs on it but I'd side with team H3H3 on this occasion
  2. Good Morning! I hope everyone has a brilliant day! I had plans to go film at a cool location  but sadly the weather isn't too good today so I will have to go tomorrow or in a couple of days time 😞 

    stay safe, stay happy & stay healthy all!

  3. I definitely have to agree with all the points you made Bob they are all valid, I never doubted you guys when Exterminator started saying crazy stuff about you all & just being damn disgusting, I knew he was off his rocker I remember picking up on his behaviour very early on and ignored it, but as time went on I've really seen a nasty situation develop, whether or not he is actually sorry about what's happened or wants to be good now he'll never be trusted not after what he did anyway, It's also ashame people like Exterminator have ruined your ability to trust people/help them, it's honestly sad because there is good people out there and on this forum but down to certain people's actions you've had to reasses the situation and you've made the right decision in all honesty. There are many crazies/unpredictable people out there and sometimes they can have ulterior motives but hide behind a false identity and they could pose serious danger to anyone as a family and individual people you have done the right thing, you are protecting your family from possible threats/danger. Either way I'm intrigued to your major channel changes and can't wait to see them! I hope you and the rest of EWU stay safe Bob.
  4. Hey! to those of you that are seeing this! I need some help, if any of you have any links/resources regarding Skin-walker ranch it would be greatly appreciated! just trying to find some more information on some of the incidents that have gone on there.

    if any of you have any personal footage you'd be willing to share with me of the area that would be great too!

    feel free to respond below this status update & let me know 😄 

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    2. EWU Bob

      EWU Bob

      Hey James, nice to see your videos thumbs down were trimmed, looks like YouTube realized they were all linked to the same account! 

    3. James


      @EWU BobYeah! Thanks to EWU for giving my video some positive attention I really appreciate more than you guys could ever know 😄


    4. EWU Bob

      EWU Bob

      Sorry you're having to deal with that weirdo, hopefully he is leaving you alone? 

  5. Luckily I had a haircut a few weeks before lock down/quarantine so my hair isn't that much of a mess however I am liking it a little bit longer
  6. I also forgot to mention, that you all definitely did the right thing & have handled the situation respectfully by alerting the authorities. Stay safe out there guys.
  7. I'm so sorry you all had to witness/deal with finding a body, but I hope if the person had loved ones they now get closure... stay strong EWU, I've never found one my self and never hand on heart want to find or come across a body, so I cannot imagine what that must be like, either way you all did the right thing and acted on your gut feelings. may that man rest in peace
  8. Saw your YouTube introduction , that really good video to introduce yourself and  it nice that you've introduce the new viewers to Explore with Us .  I also gave you a subscribe so I can listen to your newly upcoming videos  

    1. James


      Thanks! @NiallNWD without EWU & this incredible community I probably wouldn't have been influenced/inspired to create a channel, I've made some great friends these past few months all thanks to a common interest we all have! which is EWU, I appreciate you subscribing look out for a new video soon 👀

  9. yeah luckily his plan was flawed he gave me a ton of views & dislikes which will increase my interaction rate! so really he's helping me haha
  10. yeah you're right Bob! it feels great when he's outta sight because it means he's also outta mind too & you don't have to deal with his ridiculous BS
  11. Hey Everyone! if you didn't know I run a Youtube channel called UnexploredProductions! I have a new video premiering soon! if you cannot make it that's fine but check out this awesome video! you won't want to miss this video! as I take a look at the legend of the Sasquatch & what really roams North America


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    2. James


      @ArcticThunderThank you!

    3. Darzen Rodrigues

      Darzen Rodrigues

      I am already subbed, good video I love it

    4. James
  12. 20200519_200403.jpg?width=645&height=677

    IT FINALLY CAME!!!!! I now live in this hoodie lol, hope you're all doing well!

    1. EWU Bob

      EWU Bob

      Awesome James, great to hear they finally delivered and sorry for the trouble! 

    2. NiallNWD


      I like the hoodie James  suits you well 

    3. James


      @NiallNWDThank you 😄 @EWU BobNo problem! I think it was mostly down to the courier PostNL for not being able to trace it Teespring were really helpful! however I think they should add a tracking option so you know your parcel isn't lost! also a massive thanks to Emma for reaching out to Teespring too! I'm just finally happy I can represent some of my favourite explorers! 

  13. These are so cool! I might have to snag one!
  14. Hello Everyone! It sure has been awhile, that's because I've sadly been distracted by other things! However I'm hopefully going to be using the forums a bit more regularly now! What's new? I've sure missed all you peepa on here

    1. ArcticThunder


      Good Morning James. It's the wee hours in the morning in Toronto. I should be sleeping. I've been doing well. The good news for me is that my city has been opening up in stages. I have a favorite park that I had been going  to on a daily basis but it had been closed due to covid. I have not been able to enjoy or even go out consistently. There's nothing like this park. The park will re-open on Sunday and it will be my turn to be distracted for the day! 

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