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  1. Evening Everyone! I'm feeling a bit better than yesterday I seem to have my ups and downs mostly it's ups but I occasionally crash hard I think it's this quarantine I'm trying to get out in the yard when it's nice but I really hope this is all over soon! I would like to get out and start exploring!

    By the way has anyone got tips of what kind of equipment to take whilst exploring? feel free to drop some suggestions below (No Guns or massive knives not legal for me to carry here) 

    1. Kevin


      1. Snake boots
      2. Mosquito Spray and Sunscreen
      3. Bear Spray
      4. Garmin GPS
      5. Food and water
      6. Multi-tool like a leather man
      7. Metal Detector 
    2. EWU EGG

      EWU EGG

      Thanks Kevin! I appreciate the suggestions!

  2. Top 5 people who vanished and were found alive, Top 10 places to explore, Top 5 American States.
  3. Greetings Peeps! How are you all doing? I am currently bored out of my mind not sure what to do most of my friends are offline too 🤔not sure who to talk to, hope everyone on these Forums are doing well 😛 

    1. Martin Kolesar

      Martin Kolesar

      Same. I was planning to go Urbex this spring. Guess I'll have to wait till summer.

  4. wow this dude... people like him would stoop that low to make others look bad & try to deter people from others content, shame youtube is too busy demonetising channels that don't deserve it than going after people like Christian...
  5. Greetings everyone! how are things on the EWU Forum? I hope you're all keeping well has anyone done anything interesting or been working on anything they would like to share?  

  6. Next week cannot come soon enough! I'll have enough money to order the EWU Hoodie I've been wanting forever ❤️ I cannot wait to represent you guys in the UK! 

    1. EWU Emma

      EWU Emma

      That's SO awesome, @EWU EGG! I really hope you like it! Thank you so much for your support, we wouldn't be able to do it without you guys! It means the world to us! 🥰💕

    2. EWU EGG

      EWU EGG

      @EWU Emma honestly a big thanks to you guys for being so supportive and communicative with the members of the forum and fans! You guys are honestly the best creators I know! 😊I can't wait to order it 😁😁

  7. Shhhh guys I found proof of Bob filming while being in the same frame as Emma 😮... EwU ExPosEd, don't question or think about it logically he just films because he is Bob stoned spongebob squarepants GIF

    Bob Filming.JPG

  8. I do question how brainless these people are? I wonder if some of them are just trolling to get a reaction out of you guys, however I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't a troll this is the internet after all most people with no brain cells send the message without looking at the facts, if they watched the video they'd know Bob was in frame with you... and Audrey was filming
  9. Hello Everyone! how are you all doing?

    1. Spida


      I'm doing okish, just about coping with the lockdown. How's things with you bud? 

    2. EWU EGG

      EWU EGG

      I'm doing alright,  just hanging in there and working on things to keep myself busy, keep safe dude!

  10. Yeah that's a nice way of putting it! he left a really disgusting comment on EWU's insta luckily they exposed his comment nasty individual honestly...
  11. Good Afternoon EWU Crew time for another status update: Today has been pretty boring I haven't done too much but I'm feeling a creative spark, I'm hoping to draft some exploration channel ideas soon and come up with a vague Idea on how I want to produce my content and what I wish to achieve! I did a little bit of gaming today tomorrow I'll hopefully get outside some more.

    I'm also compiling a list of potential equipment I'll need to aim for when I start producing my content! 

    I thank anyone reading this and I hope you all have an amazing day wherever in the world you are!

    - EWU EGG

    1. Darzen Rodrigues

      Darzen Rodrigues

      Let's us know the channel name dude. So we can sub and enjoy, feel free to share it here

    2. EWU Bob

      EWU Bob

      When are you starting your channel and what's the URL of your channel so I can sub?? 

    3. EWU EGG

      EWU EGG

      @EWU Bob @Darzen Rodrigues I'm hoping to get the channel up today! at the moment I'm in self isolation so sadly I can't explore until this it is over.

      However I will happily share the link with you guys once its up! 😊

  12. @Ewu Bob Hey Bob, i was just wondering how will this COVID-19 outbreak effect future exploration videos or even if it will? Is there a possibility we'll see more videos of you guys inside and discussing mysteries or are you still hoping to go outside and explore?
  13. Good Morning EWU Crew, I gope everyone is doing well I just woke up! I'm not really sure what to do today just yet🤔.

    Also I keep waking up at 8am thanks daylight savings 👍🥱.

    Anyway I hope you all have good days/evenings and remember to stay safe!

  14. Good Luck! I'd be interested to hear what else you discover if you choose to add his "disappearance" into future content, I honestly feel bad for Eric (the man Rahat supposedly scammed) it's scummy when youtubers cannot keep their promises and pull a "publicity stunt" to gain views, from what it seems the man is back on his feet now and has dropped the drama but still an awful situation to be in.
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