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  1. Alex Happy Birthday!

  2. The only way I can fall asleep these days is to put on a YouTube playlist. I have found recently, my dreams depend on what is playing when I'm asleep. Recently it's EWU. Last night I had a cool dream where I was exploring with the EWU crew around that cool house on top of that massive hill in the desert that the crew explored a few years back. It was awesome! Has anyone experienced something similar?
  3. And this is my motorbike! 2005 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer Non Restricted (Australia has two versons, one is restricted for learners) Just hit 90,000km today and still going strong!
  4. 2018 Hyundai i30 I had a 4WD for a couple of years, but only took it off road like 2 times... It's a great little economical hatch, does what I need it to do
  5. I do believe that there are spirits but ghost hunting shows like Most Haunted (Derek Acorah was supposedly picking up a spirit called Kreed Kafer which is an anagram of 'Derek Faker', but it was a name brought up to him in advance before filming) are all pretty much fake. I have had a couple of personal experiences myself, but I do not have the evidence that it was real and something else that I misinterpreted as paranormal activity. My belief is that the spirit of a person who has died can remain with us until they are sure they can move onto what ever comes next after we die, and it can take any length of time do be able to do so, but I also believe that a lot of the occurrences people put down to as paranormal activity can be explained down to reasons that are perfectly reasonable situations that can occur. But to believe 100% myself, I would like some scientific evidence please
  6. You guys should get an old tank! You'll be able to run over anything with no troubles and no one will give you any crap!
  7. Come to Tasmania, you won't be disappointed. Some of the best untouched wilderness in the world (in my own opinion haha) Thanks everyone, It is nice to be involved in such a nice community!
  8. YouTube has been doing that a lot lately. They've been unsubbing me from a lot of favourite channels. Irks me so much!
  9. Hey guys, My name is Alex, I'm 25 and I'm from Tasmania, Australia! I have been watching EWU for around 3.5-4 years now and I've watched all of the videos, some of them twice! I love being able to see your part of the world and getting to explore with you. The EWU family are some of the most likable people I've watch on YouTube! The missing person cases get me thinking a lot about their lives and what they want through in their last moment. I just want to say thanks again and keep up the good work! Alex.
  10. Some of the humor in the latest videos has been great! It's always great to come home from work and rewatch your videos. Skilled editing with that shovel though
  11. Welcome, @AlexanderWatson🥳🎉

    1. AlexanderWatson


      Thank you, Emma! I've been watching your videos for over 3 years. Thank you for letting me take a look at your part of the world! You guys are one of the most likable channels I've seen on YouTube. Keep up the good work 😎

  12. Welcome @AlexanderWatson

    1. SirMarkFrederick


      Yes, a hearty WELCOME to you !

    2. AlexanderWatson


      Thanks Rooney! Glad to be here!

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