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  1. Welcome @ElizabethS.
  2. My profile photo gives the hint where I live. None of the structures you may see though.
  3. Aside from needing the cell when going somewhere, always call my parents and let them know anything. Also in case of emergency. I never answer the landline. There are only few family members that has my cell number. I don't call anybody just to chat. Other than that, other won't change.
  4. Hear people target shooting around here all the time. Don't hear sirens that often. Being away from the busy towns and cities what attracts me. Questions already posted are good.
  5. No idea, perhaps blew out of someone hands somewhere.
  6. I'll go ahead and add... Can't stand crowds (for example - out of stores just as quick as I went in, and reason I haven't been to a concert since 1985/86) Can't stand family gatherings (thanksgiving, christmas, etcetera) Can't stand talking on a phone (landline or cell) Would rather drive than fly (haven't flown anywhere since 1989)
  7. I know, it was meant to be a joke.
  8. Oh no, Bob (and family) are aliens.
  9. A fear of stupid people taking over. Cannot think of anything else.
  10. There is only handful of channels I watch, that I know content is never fake. Sometimes watch random channels, and if it seems fake, will find something else.
  11. Think Nate Dawg would've probably shot himself in the you know what.
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