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  1. wimc

    No Roughing It!

    Rains alot in the Northwest, right now its dry and under a heat advisory Sunday morning into Monday evening (hot for us, forecasting 95 to 102). Depends where you go camping around these parts, mountains and coast are different worlds sometimes.
  2. wimc

    No Roughing It!

    Nice setup, actually looks quite comfy. If and when going camping have to use a tent, may be hard at times though, mostly getting up and out of it. Would like to have a truck/camper, which will keep me from lots of sketchy roads, would be going alone.
  3. Glad you returned. Old forum members are very slowly returning.
  4. Welcome back @CindyN11

    Bob is around, EL hasn't joined as far as I know.

  5. Happy 4th everyone, stay safe also. Rained not long ago, at this time, its clear and 60F.
  6. Not my thing nor any other app. I have a simple flip-phone with no internet/texting.
  7. Couldn't tell, video is too blurry.
  8. Forgot to mention, I am retired. Think I've posted this somewhere.
  9. Don't get paid or anything, post on random forums, because I get easily bored stuck at home (not related to the pandemdic).
  10. Just going to post, I have none. Reason: my past, all you need to know.
  11. Since some peolpe cannot mind their own business, nutcases would rather create drama no matter what. EWU can create whatever and however they feel/want. Brings awareness, insight, etcetera.
  12. Watching EWU Crew videos and other channels are way better than TV any day/night -- just as long as you don't add commercials. And whomever the narrator is, good job. Maybe or not, sound like optimus prime.
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