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  1. NiallNWD

    Site Rules

    Gotcha Bob , I will obey this rules .
  2. Is announced that the third one will be called Alfred Packer  and this story will be darker than the first twos I did . I will try get any info and get them put into the story carefully.

  3. I think I got a good case of a third story and it will be coming soon 
    Stay Tuned 

    1. ArcticThunder


      I enjoy your stories. 👍

  4. Hello There and welcome to the community 

    1. ArcticThunder


      @Dust Rider 2001 welcome to our community.

  5. Hello and welcome to our community 

    1. ArcticThunder


      Welcome to our community @Comptonranger

  6. Hello Shannon  Welcome to our forum 

  7. Hello ReyRey33  Welcome to the forum 

  8. Happy Independence Day/4th July to my amazing American friends in this forum .🍺🥳🎉🎆🎇🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. Happy Birthday 🥳🎉🍺

  10. For those who didn't see my case stories from April and May  here the case for you to see :
    Hollywood Sign - 

    Ken Rex McElroy - 


    1. ArcticThunder


      Both great case stories.

  11. How is everybody doing on this forum ? 

    1. Darzen Rodrigues

      Darzen Rodrigues

      Great and you?

    2. NiallNWD


      Doing okay , trying to stay cool it been three days of heatwave  I'm expecting the Thunderstorm tonight.

    3. ArcticThunder


      Doing awesome.

  12. Saw the second video about that Stephan McDaniel case . That guy such a cold hearted maniac for killing this woman.  

  13. Hello Coolbeansk  welcome to our Forum 

  14. Hello and welcome to our Forum  

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