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  1. I would love to go hiking with my friend Keith but they closed off Pendle Hill to stop people going up there especially Yorkshire dales hills and fells and Boulsworth Hill I assumed be closed off now.
  2. Good for you , I'm doing okay keeping safe doing some cartoon work and some music to keep me entertained. Hope things get back to normal for you all .
  3. Hi guys how everybody doing this self isolation ?
  4. Any new second channel video coming up ?

  5. The Tiger King reminds me of that YouTube channel Michael Jamison he use have three but now two Tigers ( Enzo , Diego and Ozzy ) he resided in South Africa .
  6. I would create my cartoon own YouTube Channel, I did my cartoon for about eleven years ago. Some of times I can show the viewers how draw the characters.
  7. Thank You Darzen
  8. As I remember somebody once ask me I've forgotten somebody on the last EWU Crew Artwork I did . So I decided to do the another cartoon design of the EWU Mom Here the artwork of EWU Mom holding a sign announcing the new family member coming and today is definitely Mother Day . @EWU Bob@EWU Emma @EWU Lily @EWU Audrey Here you go
  9. It sad to hear this poor boy going through the hell from this monster who called step mom and many few people kinda knew already he was deceased. Sending prayers and thought to Gannon's Family.
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