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  1. Tired Over It GIF by VH1

    1. Drew B

      Drew B

      I have CFS. I'm tired all the time 🙂

    2. rud


      @Drew B Aw man I’m sorry to hear that! 😕 Are there ways to combat it? Out of curiosity

  2. I would be so up for it, but it’s too much rn currently designing a spider rolling robot to be able to withstand Mars’ climate and surface! It’s in super early phases, but we’re focusing on appendage design rn. Interesting, beautiful science!!
  3. I’m always in this laboratory and never really appreciated how great this wind tunnel is. It can be used to calculate many things, but it’s mainly used for aerodynamic testing!
  4. I love how this thread is still going on strong I should have called the thread EWU meme archive smh
  6. one of my many Misfits favorites also one of their chiller songs
  7. When I think of ambient electronic music, I think of songs like Floral Shoppe by Macintosh Plus... I could be completely wrong though lmao
  8. Woah sick! I love reggae too. Frankie Paul is pretty great. I really like Peter Tosh’s outtakes, the really old stuff when he was still a part of the Wailers. I also LOVE Tenor Saw and Eek-a-Mouse
  9. OOOOOOOOOOO Like what?? I love me some Black Flag, Minor Threat, Suicidal Tendencies, and others
  10. That’s hard!!!!! You can never go wrong with Thrash. Do you like other types of metal??
  11. Lol “I was runnang” but yeah also if someone tells you that in person it’s almost as if they’ve been looking at you for a while before they tell you something like that, which makes it 10x more creepy so yeah R U N
  12. It may not sound creepy to some people, but imagine getting told that in person? Creepy as HECC
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