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  1. omfg he’s so adorable with those creepy ass eyes lmao
  2. Big, Beefy, TIRES 😂 loved that meme touch it was perfect

  3. This panini hittinsandwich nom GIF

  4. Thank you!! I’m actually still an Undergrad tho haha
  5. Just wanted to show y’all who are interested in science and engineering what my team and I have been up to!! This is a proof of concept for the design and manufacturing of a bio-inspired spider rolling robot for the exploration of Mars. Essentially, we designed legs and proved that it can roll itself on an incline without electronics, while staying stable. Exciting first step!! My team member is pushing the sphere. Video here!!
  6. Good afternoon! Been hella busy lately what’s up y’all
  7. Tired Over It GIF by VH1

    1. Drew B

      Drew B

      I have CFS. I'm tired all the time 🙂

    2. rud


      @Drew B Aw man I’m sorry to hear that! 😕 Are there ways to combat it? Out of curiosity

    3. Drew B

      Drew B

      Nothing as of yet. I came down with it after a nasty battle with Mono when I was in my 20's. Spent thousands on all sorts of treatments but nothing worked so just learned to live with it. Just have to pace myself and watch my diet/sleep and it's all good. I also work my own hours which helps. Many people have it much worse so I'm lucky.

  8. I would be so up for it, but it’s too much rn currently designing a spider rolling robot to be able to withstand Mars’ climate and surface! It’s in super early phases, but we’re focusing on appendage design rn. Interesting, beautiful science!!
  9. I’m always in this laboratory and never really appreciated how great this wind tunnel is. It can be used to calculate many things, but it’s mainly used for aerodynamic testing!
  10. I love how this thread is still going on strong I should have called the thread EWU meme archive smh
  12. one of my many Misfits favorites also one of their chiller songs
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