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  1. Going forward in time is a very real possibility in the future the science is there to support it but the technology doesn't at the moment, but its going back in time presents the challenges and paradoxes
  2. Thats All good until one day you can record the voices I had a friends employee Say to me once "So your the one with Schizophrenia ?" So I showed her a video of my voice capture from a grave yard and said Difference with my Schizophrenia and yours is I can record my voices can you ? and she went bright red and then hid from me for rest of the time was there I made a fool of her in front everyone
  3. The theory is time is different for them a 100 years for us might only be a few seconds for them I dont think they are stuck so much but choose to be there for what ever reason or cant let go of their past lives some dont even realise they have died
  4. The Rib was the most painful believe or not
  5. Yes there a few still burning near Canberra and other areas while the rest of the country is now flooding theres a Cyclone passing as type just off the coast from where Iam Did you hear about the US fire bomber that went down here a few weeks ago killing all of the US crew ? it was the 3rd aircraft lost since the fires started
  6. I broke my ankle in 2 places when i was 14 and since then broke a rib and my arm a few times
  7. Couldnt agree more Ghost hunting is very hit and miss some nights you get lucky others you dont and psychics are fake mostly
  8. My Wife had to be revived 3 times while being airlifted and had a NDE (Near death experience ) on the third time the first two she doesn't remember anything watch from 13.28 here https://youtu.be/CQIqDi0FOBQ it describes what she seen
  9. Emf Meters can be useful as an indicator of activity but only if outside EMF waves are ruled out like here all power was shut to the house and outside sources ruled out
  10. Spirit Boxes are good and do work Listen to the response @ 2.55 to how many spirits are here ? (better with head phones ) here but I generally dont use anything but a digital recorder and camera to get captures bit like anything Paranormal its up to interpretation to what is actually captured
  11. I have had several paranormal experiences over the years including our family being haunted but Here are some of stranger sound captures I have recorded when Ghost hunting in an abandon tunnel in a national park things got crazy in there that night
  12. Baby Micro bat found on a Yowie /Ghost hunt video-1580783075.mp4
  13. Tell her Happy Birthday From Australia
  14. What running gear do you have in the Camaro and what work has been done to the motor ?
  15. Pisces and I do love water
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