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  1. @Artic thunder And Daren I got a bit side tracked from the Moon trying to work out the settings to get Jupiter with its bands and Saturn with its rings So far no luck though
  2. We are very lucky in our area we are a very close to every kind of habitat endless beeches,Rainforest to the start of the desert are in a 20 minute to 2 hours drive and there has even been snow in some areas this year
  3. Another snake like feature as far as I can tell its different from the previous one above
  4. Nice right angle almost compound looking feature top center of picture
  5. After rehab from not hearing Bob call something Sketchy or old I'am quite enjoying the new content
  6. I head anywhere Bush to recharge Glass House Mountains QLD Australia
  7. I tried out the P1000 tonight which was very difficult as the Moon was vertically above me and I am still getting used to it but I would have to say it is a better than P900 just enough to get better clarity of the Moon surface
  8. I just picked up a Nikon P1000 So hopefully I might be able to get more fine detail into the moon pictures but going by the reviews there not difference between the P900 and P1000 in Zoom capability in the final pictures even though of the size and zoom differences However I did just find out you can photograph Saturn with its rings visible and get other planets with some sort detail with both cameras when it clears up here I will give it ago Below size comparisons Olympus Stylus 50X Zoom Nikon P900 83X Zoom Nikon P1000 125X Zoom
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