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  1. I need to defrag. Too much hell on Earth. A break is needed. Love you all. ❤

  2. Yes I believe so. I normally hike or I go for brisk urban-poll walks each day. It would appear that outdoor exercises are off limit.
  3. ANIMALS ARE ROAMING THE QUIET STREETS, Very Odd, a little different https://www.theweathernetwork.com/videos/gallery/animals-wander-empty-streets-after-coronavirus-lockdowns/sharevideo/6146331407001
  4. Last week was my last visit at the hospital and it was indeed pretty empty. My treatment was near to the emergency dept and I saw that it was also fairly empty. All the entrances were locked or manned. You have to answer questions before they will let you in. And this procedure is extended to all doctor offices. In fact one has to call ahead just to set up a telephone appointment with your doctor.
  5. The funny thing about the masks out here in Toronto, they are plentiful at the convenient stores, just like the hand sanitizer, but nowhere else. The prices are crazy. NOTE: NOT 15 N95 mask
  6. I am not sure if other places in Canada are or will be affected. Fellow Canadians please chime in.
  7. Well here it is. OFFICIAL ONTARIO. No more hiking.
  8. Hell Ride


    1. Darzen Rodrigues

      Darzen Rodrigues

      Now that's one hell of a vehicle if you ask me

  9. © Supplied to Global News RCMP have cancelled a $1,200 fine given to an Alberta teen for not practicing physical distancing. RCMP in Alberta have rescinded a Cochrane teenager's $1,200 fine for not practising physical distancing while in a vehicle. The fine was issued Thursday evening and fell under new social distancing legislation, according to RCMP. The 16-year-old boy's father, Chris Boettcher, said his son Colby was with his friend in his vehicle, after returning from a job interview. Boettcher said his son was parked in the driver seat while his friend sat beside him in the passenger seat. The vehicle was parked at Mitford Pond in Cochrane. According to Boettcher, the RCMP officer handed out the hefty fine when the teens' addresses on their identification did not match one another.
  10. My experiences with redit always left me scratching my head. For instance; Redit release military documents that Russians nuked a US moon base? Really? You know this story isn't right because the Russians would have used their photon torpedoes to destroy the US secret base. Lol! They have been known to be right on occasions.
  11. I'm an animal freak. I must say I loved his show. Good to see the family carrying on with animals.
  12. The end was uplifting. I seen that somewhere before!
  13. I set out to do shopping around 8 pm. As I mentioned before there's 5 large supermarkets within 20 minute walk. Two are opened 'till 11 pm and the others 'till 9pm. So I thought. The hours has changed since Covid-19. I wasn't aware of this fact because I rarely shop in the evening. They all shut down at 8 pm and they all reopen at 7 am. However the 7 to 8 am are for seniors only. I don't qualify. I like what they are doing for the seniors.
  14. There's a movement to get our COVID-19 frontline responders danger pay. It's starting to pick up momentum. Here's one for the Ontario nurses. Here's an email that they Just sent me. Have you seen anything like petition in your area?
  15. My young friend good to see you back. It's scary times no doubt but your mom will do well. We all have to do our part with social distancing and sanitizing our hands. I believe your family will do just fine.
  16. Agreed, I prefer to look at the recovery rate. One thing that many don't know is that the USA recovery stats is only posted when two tests (and not one) comes back favourable. That is why US recovery rates is slower to rise but more accurate. If there's been any change to this policy, (which I don't think it has been) it would have been fairly recent.
  17. No way in hell!


    Although maybe a news agency can't afford a helicopter and she's giving a traffic report.

    1. Darzen Rodrigues

      Darzen Rodrigues

      She needs to be paid more than what they actually pay her 

    2. StanWilliams
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