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  1. I smell another conspiracy. Who is @Sarah Hreha? Is she related to EWU Rooney? LOL! I better stop before rumours start.
  2. This case needs to be reviewed. This wouldn't be the first time that the Police in this area imprisoned a wrong person only to be release years later. That's another fact!
  3. @the man hi, you need to tag ewu Bob when you have links. He has many comments to go through so tagging him when you have a link or picture has a better chance for Bob to see it. Like your pic! What can you tell me about the location of pix. It looks familiar.
  4. I would like to add the David 'Dai' Morris case from UK as a potential project/video for EWU. I have been going through info from different sources. I think there something so wrong here.
  5. There's no significant evidence against Dai Morris except for his neck chain. There's more substantial evidence that others could have committed the crime. Lines of evidence suggesting a premeditated crime took place while Dai was plastered and would not have been able to work out a cohessive plan. And you had other potential suspects who lied about their whereabouts. They need to look into this case again without biases. Also the author who believes that Dai is innocent was a solicitor in Swansea (John Morris). He has a little more experience then your average Joe.
  6. Under 2 min Video I won't spoil it for you. Watch to the end. National Geographic Scientists' Hilarious Reaction to Bizarre Deep-Sea Fish National Geographic.mp4
  7. I simply can't stop laughing. WARNING The NARRATOR USES OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE
  8. Amazing! Alberta man rescues baby eagle believed to be drowning in East Kootenay lake, BC Brett Bacon was boating on a lake in Windermere when he spotted the baby eagle struggling in the water
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