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  1. The place looks creepy even in the day time. Imagine walking through at night. A cool place to do some randonauting. Too bad about the guard. Thanks @Spida for sharing.
  2. THE HU Ever since I heard their song in this Club, I just can't get enough! Thanks @CindyN11
  3. I 've seen something similar in Canada but not quite as intense like the ones on the video. The second part of the video seems a little off. The critters appear too big for mosquitoes. When you get a chance take another look. I don't think that one would expect to hear too much sounds when colliding with the mosquitoes. But then again maybe the skitters have been doused in radiation. LOL! They're from Russia...
  4. Cool song with a hint of conspiracy.

    Pastor Who Heals People by Farting on them Defends Himself “I Don’t Fart, I Heal”


    I can't make this sh!+ up. A bonafide news report. No judgement being pass... just gas!  🤣


    Have a good day! 👍

  6. Russian Mosquito Tornadoes Fairly short video (under 1 min) of two different locations in Russia where mosquito tornadoes were recorded. The second part of video is freaky.
  7. Our Bodies are Bioluminescent Written by Joseph 'Arctic Thunder' Who knew that our bodies are bioluminescent. Unbelievble but true. Our human body emits visible light that can actually be photographed by a super-sensitive camera while in complete darkness. This process is not the same as infrared. The stream of ‘biophotons’ isn’t just a reflection of body heat. This strange discovery was discovered during a study back in 2009 by a team of Japanese researchers that was led by Masaki Kobayashi of the Tohoku Institute of Technology. Photo Source: Kobayashi M, Kikuchi D, Okamura H (2009) Imaging of Ultraweak Spontaneous Photon Emission from Human Body Displaying Diurnal Rhythm. "We found that the human body directly and rhythmically emits light. The diurnal changes in photon emission might be linked to changes in energy metabolism." ------------------------------------------- READ MORE AT: https://petapixel.com/2020/06/29/your-body-is-bioluminescent-and-can-be-photographed-in-darkness/ https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/phenomena/2009/07/20/photographing-the-glow-of-the-human-body/ Citation: Kobayashi M, Kikuchi D, Okamura H (2009) Imaging of Ultraweak Spontaneous Photon Emission from Human Body Displaying Diurnal Rhythm. PLoS ONE 4(7): e6256. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0006256
  8. This was one of my very first mysterious military ops (alleged?) I read about. Fascinating tale and I'm sure that there lies a kernal of truth but nothing elaborate like the lore itself. As for teleportation, I wouldn't bet on it. The 'star trek' type transporter technology is not reachable. Not yet! Great info. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Le Thuy, is a secondary school teacher from Ho Chi Minh city and is well known Vietnamese capital for her unique and artsy buns designed to resemble real fruits and potatoes.
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