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  1. @The Area 51 Rider God I hope not! Some people just don't realize the full ramification of nuclear testing. When we start hearing the government pushing how negligle the health hazards of the testing will be, then it's time to run. Maybe Elom will have some room on board his starship.
  2. @Spida According to the report the prosecutor has informed the parents of their information (or suspicion? ) I hope the authorities are wrong. But now we are waiting for the official confirmation that may be held for a while. It doesn't look hopeful. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/madeleine-mccann-prosecutors-germany-know-22138281
  3. I have trouble responding to toxic threads. It doesn't make me right or better, it's simply not in my make up. I try to participate by commenting but to no avail. There's no disrespect intended to anyone. I'm just as piss as anyone here with some of the outside  threads being lauched at EWU. I'm an older man battling health issues. I need to think healthy. Anger is not good for my health.  I'm not ignoring anyone! I love this community.

    For those who were wondering.

  4. @Spida I've read something similar. It had nothing to do with the parents, (for those who were still believing they were involved) It's becoming increasingly apparent that Madeline is no longer with us. 'Today German authorities delivered crushing news for the couple desperate to be reunited with their missing child. The public prosecutor's office told media they believe Maddie is dead, and they know the method used to kill her - which they have not yet expanded on publicly.' -Mirror My heart goes out to the parents and relatives. No matter how this turns out, they've been through hell.
  5. @Koltin I had known a friend name Devin. I guess it was an act of familiarity.
  6. Atomic Tourists written by Joseph Arctic Thunder Starting in 1951, the US Department of Energy began testing nuclear bombs just 65 miles outside of Las Vegas. Courtesy of Ripleys.com The glow from the explosions were quite a spectacle. Casino owners were quick to adapt and outfitted their roofs to accommodate their patrons. Business boomed. Atomic tourism drew people from all over to see the light show and mushroom clouds. For the sake of local economy, everything was being pitched around the atomic show. Hair styles, advertisements, costumes, and even pageantry all fell to the lure of the Mushroom cloud. Courtesy Las Vegas News Bureau Once the danger set in, common sense emerged and prevailed. The atomic spectacle was doomed. Local schools started issuing dog tags to children so they could be easier to identified in case of an atomic accident. CC James Vaughan via Flickr The Atomic testings cane to an end and along with all of its tourist trapping. ------------------------------------------ Main Source: Ripleys.com Arctic Thunder has no affiliation with any of above entities and the story has been submitted purely for informational purposes.
  7. HORRIFIC / NOT FOR THE WEAK HEART. Captured on CCTV - 20 seconds only. Viewer discretion is advise. This is not a bait click. Most will be horrified. My Bad?


    The second joke in this picture is the fact that us guys don't need a floor-mark to to tell us to stand back. We're probably standing by the door pretending to look busy on our cell phones.

  9. I look like a casual, laid-back guy, but it’s like a circus in my head. Steven Wright

  10. I do enjoy getting an explanation on bizarre events like large amounts of dead birds falling from the skies. It's UFO's, no its HAARP, no it's... the weather! Mysterious Bird Deaths!.mp4

    Sometimes during the weekends I will drink some water -  you know, to surprise my liver.


    10-Year-Old Boy Allegedly Grows Mould in Ear Canal Due to Wearing Earbuds Too Much

    Chinese media recently reported the bizarre case of a 10-yer-old boy who allegedly developed black mold in his ear canal because of wearing earbuds for long periods of time.


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Spida


      I thought wtf so did a search

      https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.unilad.co.uk/life/in-ear-headphones-cause-black-forest-of-fungus-to-grow-in-boys-ear/amp/ that's shocking news, thanks for sharing bud. Looks gross that mould stuff. 

    3. ArcticThunder


      Holy freakin' fungus!

    4. Darzen Rodrigues

      Darzen Rodrigues

      WHAT THE HECK! It was like he had glued the headphones to his ears.

  13. @ChristieIt must have been some crazy paranormal video you were watching. Sometimes turning off your computer will reset the laptop. You may have to remove the battery. You might lose data that wasn't save. Good luck!
  14. @Karen yes it's okay, the administrators don't mind. Bob has complimented many other sites in this forum. Just take a look at the Annabelle Doll story. Bob likes the Ryan and Shane team. EWU are comfortable in what they do. I'll be visiting Johnny Paranormal site and taking a gander.
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