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  1. Please delete my account. I have been shunned out by criticism.

    Feeling alienating. This is very bad PR, feels like one of those example of what not to do when I was in college for journalism.

    Especially being called out publicly and shared for the criticism that was meant as a gesture of care for the family.

    And now I ask, who are the real bullies here?

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    2. EWU Bob

      EWU Bob

      You might want to let Keemstar know that you can help him with his channel since you went to college for journalism. I bet he has no idea what he is doing. 

    3. EWU Bob

      EWU Bob

      You don't have to lock down your twitter, it's not like we're going after you or anything. We just replied to you on twitter, that's not calling you out. In reality, you called us out by tweeting as us repeatedly. You're freaking out over a twitter conversation, yet you tell us we should ignore someone calling my family names, saying we are fake, and trying to get us cancelled . You tell us to ignore it and let it pass, but you can't even do that with a Twitter conversation. Come one, that's silly! Can't you see our ridiculous that is? 

    4. EWU Bob

      EWU Bob

      @Inactive I know you will see this, not sure why you're freaking out so much. 

  2. Welcome to the community FrameRater! 

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      Thanks Bob! Keep up the excellent work, one of my favorite channels!

  3. Welcome to the community @FrameRater

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      Thank you Rooney!

  4. Welcome FrameRater! 🐺💕

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      Hello! ^^ how do I like comments??

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