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  1. It's a good example of how he internalises things and defaults to "Its just Foster making another fake account", at least in his mind. God forbid that anyone could actually criticise him or provide constructive feedback...
  2. So last year I visited Area 51 and saw the sign on Groom Lake Rd with ‘FUCG’ spray painted on the back. I stopped and put one of Fosters stickers on the sign (photo attached). This was the beginning of April 2019. I also put one of Fosters stickers on the ET Hwy sign just past Alamo and the Welcome to Rachel sign. So to say that Foster is responsible for all of his stickers that appear roadside is incorrect as many of his fans are actually placing them, not him.
  3. I just saw the link to EWU’s video about this and realized that I saw her poster last year. We stopped at Copper Top BBQ and I took a picture of the Sierra Nevadas (attached). You can see the missing person poster in the picture.
  4. And of course there are the fake reviews on his business listing... https://goo.gl/maps/eBWnBbvPySBx6rap6 There used to be a review from himself saying how good this business was, but that has mysteriously disappeared.
  5. Dunno if I just can sniff out a mole, but I smelt a rat from Seagulls first post. The grammar and structure of these comments kinda stands out. It’s sad but after following the hate campaign against Foster since the beginning you can just tell when someone is a plant, IMO.
  6. What amazes me is that despite all of the evidence, facts, screenshots and videos like this, there will still be people who choose to support AWC. Some people just can’t see the truth even when it’s sitting on their face !
  7. I was just thinking about a video of AWC that I saw ages ago, he stops at some biker bar in Goldfield I think. It’s a weird video because he is videoing people drinking and eating, some who are clearly getting pissed off with him. Then from memory he goes to the cemetery with a lady friend and is harassed by a local. He then says something about being an expert in martial arts and that he may have to defend himself...I think. Anyway does anyone have a link to that old video ?
  8. I will also back up Coyote Alpha’s claim regarding the so called ‘accident’. On my last 2 visits to Las Vegas I popped into Duck Creek RV park to make sure that our friend Christian was OK... Anyway on both occasions his Jeep had no damage and also showed no indication of having been repaired. As Christian is a big follower of Foster I took the liberty of leaving him one of The Area 51 stickers as a memento.
  9. Ok so I am going to jump in here... I was a follower of both channels, actually I followed Christian before Foster, mainly because Foster's camera work made me feel dizzy ! Anyway some time during 2018 I made a comment on one of Christian's video's, basically offering some honest feedback about the content and how he might have changed a few things to improve the viewer experience. That's when I saw a different side of him ! He accused me of being Foster under a fake youtube account name. When I tried to respond to his comments he blocked me... Then I noticed that there were no negative comments in any of his videos, only positive and praising feedback. Something felt off about all of this and I figured that he was deleting any comments that he didn't like. That told me a lot about Christian and his mindset. Since then I have not watched his channel and have unsubscribed. I have also become good friends with Foster, who I know is an honest bloke and a real family man. In fact last year I visited Area 51 with my son and Foster helped me plan the trip by providing lots of great info and maps with POI. He's a genuine guy with good intentions and what has happened to him is disgusting and not fair. My biggest learning is just how gullible the majority of Christian's followers are, believing everything that he says is true, which it really isn't. I've got lots more info which I won't divulge at this point, but lets just say that Christian is basically a pathological liar. To be a good liar you need an very good memory...which he doesn't have ! Take care people and look after each other !
  10. I agree Bob, at some point you have to defend yourself mate. What this bloke said about your family is disgusting and he needed to be called out on that. Always protect your family mate. Stay strong
  11. I love your drive-by’s ! You should livestream them
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