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  1. @EWU Bob have you see "The Haunted Side" YouTube? I just stumbled upon them from one of your videos. Looks like they're based in Reno.

    1. EWU Bob

      EWU Bob

      No, never heard of them before. 🙂

  2. I’m happy they were found safe! Stories like this are why I seriously need to invest in a beacon
  3. It's been maybe 3 or 4 years since I've been around that area, we usually go farther out now. I pretty much always have little kids with me now when I go out, so I'm not going to check but I'll ask around. I've heard about them having ties to local businesses, but I don't know of anything outside of that.
  4. I’ve ridden quads in the area, but we always kept our distance from the fence
  5. North of Reno there's a place called Red Rock Consecrated Sanctuary. They own a big piece of land and some parts border BLM, but if you get too close you'll get chased off by guys with guns. They have a huge cross monument that you can see from the north, and on google earth. I've always gotten a weird feeling driving past there, but have never met anyone from there. Apparently they get their power from the sun or something.
  6. There are several shafts and open pit mines in the area of the first location. The second location looks like an open pit mine. I think both are owned by Art Wilson Company?
  7. Yes! I started taking my oldest out when he was about 9 months old. He would generally sleep the whole time, but now he loves going on "adventures". It's a little harder with two young kids, but still enjoyable. My brother and I grew up off roading, camping ect. so it's part of my childhood that I've always wanted my kids to experience. Kids have to grow up too fast now, it's good to get them out in the dirt and get that quality time in. Edit As far as safety I never used to pack much, a knife and sometimes firearm. I always have TP, baby wipes, snacks and water along with first aid supplies. Since learning about missing 411 I'm definitely going to up my supplies. Prepare for photo dump.
  8. I'm so excited I found the forums. My kids and I have been watching for a few years, I love to see what y'all find and I love the stories and hearing about the missing people. I'm in Northern Nevada, we get out exploring when we can, but we're a bit limited until I get a car upgrade. Still, I drive my awd all over the damn place. Lived in California, Oregon, Washington and came back to Nevada to raise my babies. I hope they grow up loving our overloading trips as much as I did when I was a kid. We love watching you guys!
  9. Welcome, Spoogy! 🐺💖

  10. Welcome to the EWU community, @spoogysprouts 

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