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  1. Hey y’all! I need help! What is there to do in or around Vegas? Took a last minute trip and we aren’t sure what to do. 

    1. ArcticThunder


      Love to help you but it's not my stomping ground.  🤐

    2. benskev


      there's apparently a lot of sand n stuff there lol

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. NiallNWD


      Then I guess we all has to wait for this result eventually 


    3. EWU Bob

      EWU Bob

      Unfortunate, but hopefully justice will now be served! 

    4. benskev


      This is sad.

  2. They came out with a town by town breakdown of all the cases in Massachusetts... I live in a wicked small town and we currently have 7. It’s easy where I live to social distance cause we are surrounded by woods so I’ve been going on hikes lately. They also made a law yesterday where we have to wear masks or we get fined $300. What has everyone else been doing to keep busy??
  3. Y’all remember that old ass YouTube video of the kid freaking out about his game being deleted or something? Well I’m pretty sure this guy was the star of the video
  4. I’m not sure where I stand in this. I don’t think that the grey tall figures that we think are aliens are real. I don’t believe that. I believe there is something out there definitely but I don’t believe it’s the typical “alien” that people think. Every thing is explainable I think too
  5. @EWU Bob they are really obsessed with your voice. You might have to start selling voice overs to them
  6. I just have to say. Thank you ewu crew. Y’all have made my life so much better. Your videos just make me happy. When I need an escape from reality I watch yalls videos. Thank you guys for putting up amazing content. I love how you guys interact with fans and y’all just make me so happy. You have an amazing family and in every video y’all always make me laugh. Thank you for being the best YouTubers out there!❤️

    1. EWU Bob

      EWU Bob

      Thank you so much Savannah, you are too kind! 🙂

  7. My sister was watching the new video with me and she was like “wow. Bobs voice is really soothing” 😂💛 @EWU Bob

  8. Thank you! I gotta look into this now
  9. What!?!? That’s even creepier! I didn’t even know that
  10. Starting my binge watch now! Might have to pull an all nighter
  11. Molly Bish was a 16 year old girl from Warren Massachusetts. She had a job as a life guard. One morning her mom dropped her off to where she worked. A day before, her mother saw a man with a mustache in a white car. Her mother thought nothing of it. The day of her disappearance a coworker saw the same description of the man just minutes before Molly showed up for work. Hours later, the police contacted her mom telling her that there is no lifeguard on duty and all her belongings were still there. They searched everywhere without losing hope. They didn't find anything. Fast forward a few years later. A hunter found her bathing suit in the woods. They searched that area intensely and found her remains 5 miles away from her family home. In 2005 a CT resident was investigated but then dismissed because he wasn't involved. In 2009 Rodney Stanger was convicted for the murder of his girlfriend. (not Molly Bish) He resembled the sketch and he had ties to that exact pond. He also had access to a white vehicle that day. He has not been charged in this case. In 2011, Gerald Battistoni, an informant with the Eastern Hampden County Narcotic Task Force was a suspect in this case because of his history and he matched the sketch. He died in 2014 and since then there has been no new arrests and it still remains unsolved.
  12. How’s everyone’s day today? 

    1. Martin Kolesar
    2. Savannahrose880
    3. benskev


      i need a penguin contest or something, i'm losing my mind

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