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  1. I'm all for chickens. Baby ducks, while cute and all, have the most horrid smelling poop on the planet. Your sisters can't even blame the smell on you, it's so bad. Neighbor kid growing up had about 20 ducks that lived on their pond. Mean little boogers. Kind of like cats...cute when they are young, but turn into mean, grumpy adults. Well, like some humans too I suppose.
  2. Oh man, not this twatwaffle again! Messing with you too, I see. Dude obviously has a mental problem. I can only assume he's trying to discredit everyone else so he gets more views on his channel. Well damn, if he would put something out there interesting, and not just invent drama that's not there.... He strikes me as a dude that lives in his parent's underground bomb shelter. Fire up the tank, Emma...got work to do.
  3. Since being cooped up in the house, pretty much whatever passes the sniff test gets worn that day. Actually had to dress up today in a pair of jeans and a Stevie Ray Vaughan T-shirt to go to the store. Getting too used to this being a bum every day thing.
  4. If and when you guys ever get harassed by the po-po again, Emma, you have to tell them your Marty McPeaches. . They'll get over it eventually. (I'll pass the hat around for bail money.)
  5. Sure! Just soak it in Lysol 1st. Disclaimer: This method of virus control hasn't been approved, or proven to do a damned thing.
  6. Old Levi's from the 1800's found in abandoned mine worth a fortune
  7. I've camped in the Superstitions a couple of times. Beautiful place , but take plenty of water! Been to the Dutch Hunters Rendezvous that they have every October or late November. Great group of people get together at the Dons camp to shoot the bull and hear stories from the old timers that know the history of the mountains. I follow the Lost Dutchman mine story on Treasurenet. Met a lot of the old timers and historians that know all the details about Jacob Waltz and his lost mine. If you guys decide to go hiking there...be prepared. Do not go in the summer. Lot of nasty critters out there. Every plant will cut or stab you.
  8. I know of one out in west Texas...here's a video of it from a channel I follow, that tells the story of the arrows and what they were used for.
  9. Emma, you should change your nickname from "Marty" to "Peaches"....that'll make that misguided lady happy. Lily, Audrey ....what you guys think?
  10. I for one, would love to hear the truth about this clown. I watched a few of his videos years ago, but most of the footage was him in his rattle trap Jeep going down a dusty road somewhere around area 51. Boring. And whenever he sees a camo dude parked on a hill 3/4 of a mile away, he gets all dramatic and acts like the camo dudes are chasing him. Jet flies over the area, and he starts screaming about area 51 sending jets after him to chase him off! What a queen! He freaks out when he sees a camo dude's truck and has a hissy fit....hell, you guys are unrolling an EWU sign for them to see! Love it.
  11. Maybe I should send that poor lady a basket of Fredericksburg peaches? I'll write "EWU approved" on the box.
  12. You can probably look forward to all kinds of stupid things showing up, since the kiddies are home and bored during this virus BS. Their juice box will run dry and they will get sleepy eventually.
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