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  1. I was at universal studios a couple years ago and a young girls asked if her family could sit down at the table. My reply was "yeah, your right" I said it 3 times before I said "yes you can sit down " just phrases like that between Australia and USA
  2. I cleaned international airlines firings SARS, including Malaysian and Singapore Airlines. Made sure I had every vaccine possible. Fun times
  3. Lol looks like one of Emma's husbands. How do you do you find these mines ? Love watching ewu explore
  4. Thanks Bob and Emma, thought they would have to be knocked down of illegal. Just invade someone gets injured from one and takes legal action etc
  5. How are all these doomsday houses etc still on the land and why doesn't BLM just demolish them ?
  6. Can people just go and build what ever they want on BLM land?
  7. Welcome to the EWU community, Stretch! 🐺💞🥳🎉

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      Thank you 🙂

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