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  1. Greetings LadybytheLake hope you are doing well!

  2. I wonder if this has happened more than we realize. A lot of old towns built by water, but lost to supply that water to a larger population. Hmm.
  3. Galaxy Cluster Abell 2261 The giant elliptical galaxy in the center of this image is the most massive and brightest member of galaxy cluster Abell 2261. More than a million light-years wide, the galaxy is about 10 times bigger than our Milky Way galaxy.
  4. https://www.nasa.gov/content/goddard/what-did-hubble-see-on-your-birthday As someone who loves all things space related, this was a fun way to spend a few minutes.
  5. Well now, no one told me I could use sponges!
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