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  1. I just got my box in from our wonderful host and here’s what was inside! I’ll be identifying the others in the box but I definitely know that one is amethyst!
  2. Yeah, mine is down. Just tried and was freaking out because I thought I got hacked.
  3. Gosh...I hope I get this right. I love crystals x.x... Galena, for lead and industrial usage. Very soft, as is lead, but also VERY heavy. Fluorite, for UV properties and Mohs of 4 (also the clear cubes in the formation). Calcite? Has UV properties, is a Mohs of 3, and it fizzes with acid.
  4. They claim the hotel will be completely remodeled bu 2022. It would be an awesome video to see if there's still paranormal activity there when they reopen. Not sure why there wouldn't be, but an overnight video would be so cool.
  5. ACTUALLY! My mom is getting ready to thin her herd! She's basically having people come out and meet the animals and then we go meet theirs to see if they'd be a good fit. Alpacas are super expensive to raise and they can become a huge burden on older farmers.
  6. I consider myself incredibly sensitive to the paranormal, but the most recent incidents I've had are with my grandmother and my husband. Grandma passed away back in 2018 and we currently don't have anything of hers that still smells like her. My husband is very realistically minded and usually doesn't believe things he has no proof of. That being said, he was sitting in our office working late night around 3am one night and he said he smelled her perfume. I got goosebumps because I had been smelling her too when I was home alone. I also tend to see someone/something walking down my hallway of my apartment quite often, but that figure is about two feet tall or so. Very strange. The other incident was at my folks' house out in Azle, TX, which is rural. When I grew up there I used to hear someone crying outside, or screaming, and wake up with scratches all over my back. I always tell people about their property because it has an old well and Native American burial mounds that we don't mess with. Most of the time, people say it was my child-like imagination growing up, but on Christmas this year, my husband actually woke up and heard the screaming outside. We both did. I'm fairly certain it's not an animal either. I lived in the country for the better part of 20 years and I never heard anything like that specific sound. We've also heard someone outside talking to my parents' dog before and Nick actually said "I think your Mom is home" so I know I wasn't hearing things. No one was outside. I've had a bunch more prior to this and would love to talk about them, but typing them out is hard! I get so sidetracked!
  7. Oh for sure. I don't think they ever had plans for demolishing it, but just making it so you couldn't get close at all. It's too much of a landmark for Mineral Wells.
  8. Mine is gonna be so Texan, I'm sorry xP. Whataburger Braum's Taco Bueno Taco Bell Rosa's Tortilla Factory Arby's Raisin' Cane's
  9. Right now they have these fences up everywhere so you can even get close to it. That's the part that makes me sad. I loved the mystery of walking up to it and being able to look inside the busted windows or the creepy main hall. I'm hoping it still has a bit of a creepy vibe when they open it back up again. I definitely experienced some spoopy stuff when I went under that bridge where the shopping cart was and I've heard stories about things in the upper floors.
  10. It is! And it's so massive. The entire town around it is just little buildings and restaurants....then you have that imposing THING. Hahaha.
  11. I was both sad and excited to find out that this old, local hotel we've all loved for decades is being remodeled and reopened to the public. It's known for its hauntings and I have experienced some crazy stuff there when I explored it before they gated off everything (mind you, I was trespassing and don't condone that >>;...). This hotel used to house some of the most notorious celebrities and even old west outlaws like Bonnie and Clyde. There have been a lot of rumors and sightings over the years so if you ever get a chance, google the Baker Hotel and read about its awesome history. You won't be disappointed. If you're local or close by, you can still drive and walk up to the hotel, you just can't get as close as you used to be able to. The pictures I'm gonna post are from several years ago. Sorry for the quality, they were shot on my iPhone.
  12. I live the Veedub life! Just got my girl, Xayah, a few months ago! 2019 Volkswagen GTI SE.
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