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  1. You all have great photos. I just thought my kinda crappy one makes it a little funny. We have seen sooo many snakes and other critters out lately! This little rattler stayed in the road for quite a while before deciding to take off. Did not even rattle which we kinda expected. The kids all want to go out looking for snakes everyday. (My kind of kids!)...now that I am looking at this photo and putting it out there...it does kinda look like a gopher snake...photo is crap...but we were sure it was a young rattlesnake.
  2. I wish I felt comfortable enough to go get a trim! Hopefully things will get better soon. The girls never really cut their hair...just once in a blue moon. I have cut Bob and Charlie’s hair these last couple of times, but I like the look when their hair grows, so at this point I am not suggesting a cut!!
  3. Looks like opal. Years ago Bob, Emma, and little Lily went to the Rainbow Ridge Opal mine. The guy running the place let us take as much as we wanted for ten bucks a head. I used to be a big rock hound. Bob got tired of hauling my rocks in buckets around.
  4. So upsetting to hear she truly was left out there to die. Pershing County and the tow truck companies need to be called out and blasted. How sad. And what’s up with thanking Pershing County Sheriff, the same office that did not investigate the evidence we found related to Jeffrey Kirkwood and his death. Creeps with badges.
  5. How are you doing Ewu Caroline AKA mom aka EWUmama aka EWU Carrie aka Ewumom aka Momster? 😄

    1. Ewumom


      Hi Rooney,

      🤣😁😆  ah the many names for this mom!  🙌👍🏻.  I am doing okay right now.  How are you doing?  What’s the weather like where you are at?  

      Ewu Mom  🤪


    2. EWU Rooney

      EWU Rooney

      The weather is doable 🙂 

  6. I used to have trouble getting to sleep, where I would worry about everything and I could never relax. I’m doing better these days. I like to have low lighting and I tend to take a nice warm bath before bed. A little reading also is a relaxing routine. I do notice that any kind of exercise I get during the day helps for sure. I go to sleep easily, but if I get woken up I’m in trouble...back on the worrying/no sleep train.
  7. Clarify here, you saved the fawn!!
  8. Sounds like it hit the spot. I have found that in almost all cases a meal cooked and enjoyed outdoors cannot be beat. I will have to learn how to make a Dakota fire pit! .
  9. So true. When you grow up with the good stuff you kind of feel lost without it.
  10. I have also been doing the low carb and intermittent fasting, and since August had lost 14 lbs. I was feeling all good, but I am now up 3 pounds. We realized I am 5 weeks pregnant, so I am attributing the weight gain to that. I am trying to remind myself it is for a good cause...one more EWU crew member!!
  11. I swear it all depends on the location. Over the years there has been the good, the bad, and the ugly. A stale chicken nugget is enough to put me over the edge... seriously.
  12. Fricken to trigger??? What kind of auto correct is this?!?
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