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  1. Ive been taking Olly sleep gummies. I take 2 and it makes me super super tired after about 15-20 minutes.
  2. I think something definitely happened in between even though the scene showed no struggle. Id love to just walk over and look at the area but I currently don't have a walking buddy to go and scope the area out myself. But as soon as my best friend comes into town im going to go out there and get a feel of the scene myself.
  3. He found the truck after he had gone missing. As soon as they find out more about his phone records maybe it will show if he called the tow truck but from what ive read the residents called to get it removed from the area because it was there for a few days (unconfirmed).
  4. This makes my mind struggle. Part of me wants to believe but the realistic part of my brain is telling me FX makeup and a small child holding extendo arms LOL. Could easily of been done and added a time stamp to call it a day to make people wonder.
  5. The cars battery was dead when they found it. He moved to the area to be with his girlfriend 2 months prior to his disappearance so he wasn't a local. But I scrolled and read everything top to bottom and nothing appears to indicate he was a past or current drug user. He didn't really have bad blood with anyone either. They haven't released anymore information as far as his phone or if the keys were in the car. Many businesses and bars cameras were checked and it didn't show him walking off from the area he was in. I did see some people saying the girlfriend knew more but that was quickly debunked by the family and people that were with her the night he disappeared. Many searches have been done and no one has come forward with even a "I saw him in that area" or anywhere near where his car was found.
  6. Well hello fellow texan! Where he would have been fishing the boats don't come up that close it's too shallow. Ill check the page and see if I can get any of the info you are curious about because I'm curious as well.
  7. If he did have car issues maybe he called someone for help. Hopefully they get the records from his phone and see who he called or messaged last but of course it's taking some time. I can't imagine how his 16 year old daughter feels and his family with how slow they are taking this process. The 3 men that recently died has been a mix of drug deal gone wrong and possible jealousy rampage so everyone has been questioning if he was involved with drugs but so far no one has spoke up to confirm or deny other then his family who are only sharing the positive side of him. I honestly haven't read anything negative towards him like I did the 3 men shot in December. The local new station down here tried really hard to connect the stories but I just don't see these events adding up and being connected. Two separate social scenes from what I'm gathering.
  8. The Bradley Brooks situation? The thing is the laguna madre is super shallow the chance of him drowning would be pretty small. And if he had drowned he would of been recovered during the drone search and coast guard search its only hip deep in the area he disappeared and if he did drown why was he in the water without his fishing gear and why can't anyone spot the body? its a very busy area as far as boats going back and forth from the marinas and a common fishing spot for the locals. It almost appears he either got out of his car and was abducted (from pictures he has a pretty athletic build) or he just walked away and didn't come back which is a sad theory because he was so family oriented.
  9. Oh that makes sense. Its been a while since I've heard about that case.
  10. With all his precious belongings left behind too. They are looking into the cell phone pings and data but it's a very slow process. I find it weird because he had a nice wholesome family, a daughter, and a girlfriend that haven't been contacted by him since he left the house. I live super close and grew up playing in that area its mostly brush and water and its not super dense. If he had walked along somewhere there's a 100% chance in my opinion they should have found footprints because your feet practically sink every time you step in the mud. After Hurricane Harvey a lot of the area is shut down due to damage and workers not yet working on the area rebuilding the piers so they basically shut down most of the areas and its now being taken over by homeless camps.
  11. OMG I remember that case but didn't they figure out it was his mom and another relative they visited that committed the crime? I feel like smiley face graffiti is so common which makes it hard to classify these cases but the detectives that are connecting the dots say its a very specific pattern of how the bodies were found and the condition and placement of the smiley. Some say its a smiley with horns and some are just a casual 2 dots and a line smiley. The cases individually are super interesting and hearing the detectives talk about their approach and theories.
  12. Sounds eerily similar! Thats why it makes me curious of the theories its connected to the dark web.
  13. From what I've heard he was straight edge. The area he disappeared at is super shallow someone would have spot him by now. They did drone and on foot sweep of the area and found nothing. If he did have issues they would have spilled the beans by now. We are pretty connected community, everyone knows everyone kind of town or at least heard of a person even if we didn't know them. They have a Facebook page up called "help find Bradley Brooks" and like any Facebook page you would expect some trolls spreading information on drugs but his page and all links the news have posted have seemed pretty clean of harsh comments of anyone who might have known him.
  14. So this case has been quite a buzz in the area I live in. It only recently is getting even a smidge of attention after another case was solved in December of 3 men in the same area shot execution style. 36 year old Bradley Brookes went on a fishing trip on august 18th in Flour bluff, Texas never to be heard from again. His car and fishing gear still inside the car and untouched were found by a tow trucker at his usual fishing spot but no Bradley. He was a Major mommas boy and updated her throughout his day just to talk to his mom and check in. When he didn't contact her and her granddaughter called her and said "Grandma, my dad didn't come home" she knew something wasn't right. His family described him as not the kind of man to just up and disappear without warning. https://www.kiiitv.com/article/news/local/corpus-christi-man-still-missing-after-two-weeks/503-b8c6502a-ffd6-4356-8a02-615f57cf3731
  15. Even if this was a psychosis related event it boggles my mind that there is no trace of him. Does anyone know if Austin did meth too? It's definitely hard to trust him given the circumstances and he seems pretty genuine but at the same time long term effects of meth make me question if he had dabbled in this drug was he capable of remembering everything? Long term effects such as Memory loss, Aggressive behavior or violent behavior, paranoia, hallucinations, and so on. I'm trying to think from outside of drugs what could have happened but it makes more sense when you add drugs as a factor since Nic was at one point dabbling in this category. You just can't reverse the long term effects after a week or however long he decided to use this drug. It is a long recovery process and after all is known as the chronic relapse drug.
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