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  1. I hope it is okay to bring this up here, like this; if you'd rather I can post it to the discussion part of a recent video. But I was (technically still am) a member of a science fiction fan club BBS board called "Stardestroyer.net", or SDN for short. It was a much bigger fan community before Facebook & other social media came in, but, these days that goes without saying. We were a bunch of science fiction fans that enjoyed sci-fi, fantasy, debate, discussion, politics, and so on. One day, a guy from our board disappeared. Flat out up and vanished. I "knew" him through the board, we weren't close or anything but he did have a lot of close friends there the he corresponded with regularly. His name was Dennis Mullan and he went by the handle of "Ghost Rider" on SDN. In 2011 he went to New York City for New Year's Eve. He told his family that he would be doing some NYE stuff in the company of “John” and “Ron” and he checked into the following hotel: Millennium UN Hotel Plaza One United Nations Plaza New York, New York 10017-3575 He was last seen on security cameras in front of this hotel getting into a taxi at 5:17 PM on January 2, 2011. This is the last known location where we are definitely sure it was him. A day later, his credit card was used on January 3, 2011 for a charge of $9.99. Since then, for the last ten years, nothing. (212) 826-3206 is apparently the phone number for NYPD's 17th precinct's Detective squad. I was wondering if anyone could call them to see about having this transferred to the Cold Case Unit I can get in touch with some of the people from SDN who knew him better than I. He was a good guy and I interacted with him fairly regularly until he disappeared. Let me know if you're interested and I can start making connections. I think you have my email but if not it is arik.the.coyote@gmail.com I can also invite you to the SDN group on Facebook and you can get with people directly who knew him. Attached is a picture of Dennis.
  2. Finally settled my mom's estate; paid off our mortgage; got a new truck; finally wrapped up the story in my webcomic. The comic still posts but at a much more relaxed schedule and I can do other art now too.
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