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  1. Thank you bro been a crazy few months is @That other Dave still around ?
  2. Heyyyyyy Geigle , got me up when we hitting the trails
  3. All good bro and you? I been changing turbines on the powerplant and all sorts of fun stuff lol , takes up way too much time lol
  4. Hey guys been super busy at work for months now , sorry not been on for ages !! Hope to be on a lot more again how you all doing ?
  5. Noice!! I found a 100 year old liberty quarter once , not sure what to do with it apparently it’s worth a lot , 1917 I think will have to look it out
  6. Nice bob !! I want an ar! I just bought a Charles daly 12 gauge and a Remington 770 (.270) my collection is growing
  7. I just acquired a lump of flourite the size of a soccer ball
  8. Let the modifications continue lol , added some yellow to the front end
  9. Where I used to live in Scotland there was a building like that , it was a old electric building for a building that used to stand right next to it , looks very similar
  10. I had a tundra , they are solid off-roaders , go anywhere and not heavy enough to get stuck easily , great choice man
  11. Im buying some kayaks tomorow so I can go away into the wilderness on my days off, float on a random river or a lake and drink beer lol , nowhere near anyone haha
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