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  1. OMG I love it!!!
  2. Hi Lily,

            Just wanted to stay in touch. Listen, I don't know what your tastes are in fine European collectables but I thought I'd run this by you and see what you think. It comes from Brussels. It's on sale for only $500.00 plus about another $100.0 in shipping and insurance. Of course I cannot afford it now, but some day in the future. And there are so many designs it would make your head pert near spin off yer neck ! Please tell me what you think.

    markf_3_58_50 PM.jpg

    markf_4_07_31 PM.jpg

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    2. EWU Rooney

      EWU Rooney

      Nah, not really but I do prefer minimalistic Scandinavian design to be honest 

    3. BigC


      The top one looks like it’s smoking a bong or something haha. To expensive for my taste I like nice things but not things that can break easily. I can see myself bumping into that after a few drinks lol

    4. SirMarkFrederick


      I love honesty @EWU Rooney & @BigC , Thank You !

  3. @Drew B OMG! It's so cool! @EWU Audrey Audrey and I would claim the camper and Emma would be strapped to the roof
  4. Hi EWU Lily! Thank you for the follow!! 😊

    1. EWU Lily

      EWU Lily

      Hi!! And of course, thank you for the follow too! 💛🐺😄

    2. Brandi R

      Brandi R

      You’re welcome! 

  5. What awesome donkeys! 😄 

    1. EWU Lily

      EWU Lily

      Thank you.

      cool picture.jpg

  6. @moabjack Those are awesome! I also love the 1st gen 4runner and both the FJ40 & FJ45.
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