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  1. Lets see, one involved a gun being put to the back of my head in an attempt to rob me. I "dropped" my wallet and when he was trying to figure out what to do he got distracted and I pushed his gun off my head and emptied a clip into him. Another involved a deranged man who was the ex of my dad's new wife...he decided he was going to shoot myself, my brother, my half sister, and my 3 step sisters. Needless to say that phone call to wake me up was literally 3 mins before he rolled up with a buddy and shotguns. Had an SKS by the bed and popped off a couple rounds before the cops rolled up and snagged them. Another time was on a trip to a youth camp where a guy rolled up to the gas station myself and a van of 17 and 18 yo's were at. All but myself and the driver were inside the gas station. The guy had a shot gun and was trying to shoot his ex gf. He popped a few shots off at her and the driver and I kind of pulled our handguns out and he got scared and ran to his truck. He drove off but shot at us, we kindly emptied our clips into his truck. I'm sure there are more that I've forgotten, oh yeah I've been stabbed a couple of times. Good times!
  2. Wouldn't trust the CDC either in their "information" on things considering their past issues, and the Chinese are of course trying to appear to be in control of things but aren't as usual. From a medical standpoint it is from the same family as the flu, but we don't have any sort of immunity to it at the moment. I don't think its going anywhere and will be much like the flu and stick around. It will be the most devastating to the elderly, immune compromised, and the very young. The problem with it is really that you wouldn't know what virus it is outside of ground zero. I have kids come in all the time with flu symptoms here in East Tennessee. When do we start testing for both Covid and Flu? You don't right now because it isn't going to hit is supposedly. The Pandemic part is where you have to worry. As it spreads and becomes entrenched in areas and doesn't go away, you will be unable to stop the spread. By that time hundreds can be bringing it into your respective country without you even know. Again, it isn't the plague or as vicious as SARS, but it will cause some nasty issues considering we still have people die from the flu. Just practice clean habits. Wash your hands for 2 mins minimum. Wear a mask if around a lot of people. Take your clothes off before you traipse through your house so you can prevent the spread of anything from outside into your beds or couches and so on. Normal habits that most healthcare workers do daily.
  3. None of my stories fit this really. Most of mine involve being shot at and so on so bleh.
  4. No sir, you have missed the one everyone knows....
  5. HIM, as in rip out the wings of a butterfly? My word, I remember when people where in love with them lol.
  6. Bout to bring out the GOODNESS MUWHAHAHAHAHAHA! and Good old Fear Factory! Wonderful music to relax and go to sleep with.....yes I pass out to metal...
  7. Wait you can't be that old lol. Slipknot? Like late 90s metal til today. Rammstein, 90s German hard rock/metal til today......*sobs* Say it ain't so
  8. Lots of things going under reported across the world nowadays. One could even beg to question if there is more to it than a simple mutation of a strain of known virus. Speculation of course, but not pure fantasy mind you. The communist government of China is in a predicament in this new decade after all. The economy for them is falling drastically and they are on the verge of a nasty recession. Neighboring countries are standing up to them with US support. Their own people are becoming more and more fed up with their lack of actual progress on anything. i'd watch and see what transpires over the next few months. The World Health Organization is a bit suspect as well. We all know the agenda of the United Nations is global control. They don't even begin to hide that fact, and it is easy to look up. The fact that WHO is basically backing up China by saying they are handling it well is beyond ridiculous. Hell North Korea is executing known infected and not a word about anything. Like China isn't doing the same thing. Should be interesting to watch as the year progresses.
  9. @HGOWDY The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind The Death Gate Cycle series by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman The Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony The Stainless Steel Rat series by Harry Harrison The Chronicles of Amber series by Roger Zelazny Enders Game and Enders Shadow by Orson Scott Card The Noble Dead Saga by Barb and J.C. Hendee Thats a few of the ones I've read multiple times. These are all multiple books. You can also read the rest of the Enders Game series. The Enders Shadow book is a parallel book to Enders Game. Tells the story from a different POV and to be completely honest is almost better than the main characters view. All of these are good reads in my humble opinion and I can list more if you like!
  10. Hmmm, So it is a tie between 2. The first being Slipknot. The second being Rammstein. Yes I enjoy the crazy lol
  11. Oh lawd...ITS THE DAY OF APOCALYPSE! Im gonna head on home and sleep now cause I ain't got time for this jazz. Hooray for single dad life. Happy Valentines day yah filthy animals!
  12. Im confident in saying that Area 51 isn't housing anymore of the secrets everyone thinks they are. I believe that most of it has been moved and is no longer there. Not that there isn't top secret things there, but lets be serious...the good stuff is moved already.
  13. I think that multiple dimensions exist, but we don't have the ability to truly understand them or really access them. Speculating that there is a doorway already present that allows one to enter a different dimension would have to come from an outside source, aka a different civilizations technology. Which begs to question how long ago that was placed there and for what purpose. All interesting avenues of thought and possibilities for sure!
  14. I would say that it is possible that a younger system could advance at a faster pace than our own. Especially if they had outside help. At the bare minimum they would only be a little behind us if at all. I believe that advanced technology is relative to each individual civilization/species, and with that idea I'd propose that there are plenty of advanced civilizations out there that have been so for quite a long time. I'd like to hear your thoughts as well @LadybytheLake
  15. Completely agree. Its extremely simple logic when we see the increased need for energy here on earth for sure. Statistically it is impossible for there not be other life out there. What I am curious about is whether or not there are a significant amount of advaced civilizations or more civilizations around our level of advancement. So close to these new steps that I get overly excited and want to hurry up and go explore!
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